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Welcome to St. Joseph's Site's Ebook & Other Resources Hub, the virtual place to find all of the ebooks, videos, and softwares which the Site has produced since it went live online about 13 years ago.

Most of these resources are about prayers, how to pray and St. Joseph and are free to download while a few are available for sale at Amazon online stores worldwide (amazon.com, amazon.ca, amazon.uk, etc.) or in my blog at https://www.BabesTanMagkalas.com.


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Inside You Will Discover…

Distorted Approaches To Prayer (your prayers are less likely to be granted if you follow this approach)

The Power of Intercessory Prayer (there is power in numbers so the more others pray for you, the better)

Eight (8) valuable prayer tips which can enhance your prayer life

Written for those who want to enrich their prayer life, this e-book contains valuable tips for a more powerful and effective prayer.


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There are various prayers which one could use to honor St. Joseph. I personally selected a core of prayers which not a lot of people know about and yet they are efficacious ways to merit the patronage of this wondrous saint.

Do you know that you can pray the Holy Rosary the St. Joseph's Way? That instead of the Hail Mary, we can pray the Hail Joseph and the Joyful, Sorrowful and Glorious Mysteries as they pertain to the life of St. Joseph?

Have you heard about the chaplet of St. Joseph which is divided into 15 groups corresponding to the 15 mysteries of the Holy Rosary but each group is composed of only 4 beads instead of 11 as in the standard Holy Rosary?


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In this book, you will learn: 

  • How to quiet your mind instantly before and during prayer 
  • What is the "heart-set" (as opposed to mind-set) that you should have for your prayers to be granted 
  • How a single but often neglected step will change your prayer for the better 
  • Why we pray for something and sometimes get the opposite of what we asked for 
  • What is the right "mix" of prayers that pleases God 
  • How to tell when it's time to stop praying and when to continue to be persistent in prayer 
  • What to do to keep your faith up (8 faith boosters) 
  • The ABC of Praying for Your Heart's Desires 
  • and much more...


  • available both as an ebook and audio with bonus gifts at https://www.how-to-pray-effectively.com
  • also available in print at all Amazon online stores,  just type "ready, aim, pray" in the search box (also available as a Kindle version)

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This e-book contains the prayers to be said each day during the month of March to honor St. Joseph as well as the nine day novena. 

I found these prayers from the book “A Manual of Practical Devotion to St. Joseph” which was originally written in Father Anthony Joseph Patrignani, S. J. in 1709. The translation was republished by Tan Books and Publishers, Inc. in 1982.

I lifted the prayers from this book and arranged them in a more ‘easy-to-read’ format. In the original book, you have to flip from one page to another to find the prayers since not all the prayers appear in sequence. So I had to reformat the text so you can follow the daily prayers and novena easily. 


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How would you like to make praying a habit? 

How would you like to automatically praise God upon waking up in the morning? How would you like to automatically recall a verse or two from the Bible when you’re anxious or troubled and then automatically pray based on those Bible verses. How would you like to develop the habit of listening to God in not just one but in various ways? 

These are just some of the benefits you will experience if you do the small action steps in this book - small, daily, comfortable steps towards a meaningful prayer life and making God part of your daily life. These small steps or actions which can be done in 30 seconds to a few minutes fit into the tightest schedule. It also takes very little effort on your part. 


It took me more than a year before I finished writing what is in this ebook/book. Inside, you will find weekly action sheets which contain small daily actions, focusing on three areas:

1. Talking to God

2. Listening to God

3. Building or Strengthening Faith Through God’s Word

The goal is to make praying a habit so each week, you will start doing one small action, and this small action will deal with one focus area alternately. If you participate in this program, you will receive via email an action sheet each week for 28 weeks.

If you want the printed version, you can buy it at any Amazon store online. Just type in the search box, "make prayer a habit".

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As the title suggests, this is all about the power of God's Word.

I believe that power is unleashed when you speak God's Word out loud and in this short ebook, I talked about a personal experience which reinforced this belief even more.

I got the idea for this ebook mainly from a book written by Joyce Meyer (a Christian evangelist and author) entitled "The Secret Power of Speaking God's Word". In this book, she said there is power in opening our mouth and speaking God’s Word. In doing so we are setting ourselves in agreement with Him for His plan to come into fruition in our lives.


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I thought that every Catholic knew how to pray the Rosary but I was wrong. I have met a lot of Catholics who didn’t know or have forgotten how to pray this glorious prayer and this is the main reason why I wrote this book. 

It is my hope that those who read this book will be encouraged to pray the Rosary regularly as a way of enhancing their prayer life.

Over the years, I have learned various ways of praying the Rosary and included in this book are three other ways or variations. So altogether, the reader is presented with four different ways of praying the Rosary. 

Except for one which features the life of St. Joseph with Jesus and Mary, most pertains to the life of our Lord Jesus Christ.


  • Available in print at all Amazon online stores, just type "how to pray rosary" in the search box 
  • Also available in a Kindle version

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I noticed in my Facebook page for St. Joseph (https://www.facebook.com/ilovestjoseph/) that the posts that got the most engagement were posts about prayers. Hence, I created a prayer ebook containing 7 powerful novenas for major life issues. As you can already guess, I entitled it "7 Novena Prayers For Major Life Issues".

So if you or someone you know is sick, unemployed, facing financial difficulties, suffering from depression, anxiety, dementia and other mental health issues, looking for a life partner, want to get rid of bad habits/needs transformation, or have problems which don't seem to have any solution, then this ebook, I hope, can help.



I have made many videos, some are short while some are long. The ones below are my personal favorites and got the most engagement. Click the title of the video to watch it.

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