mom-prayingThe word “Novena” comes from the Latin word ‘novem’ which means nine. Hence, a Novena is generally made on nine (9) consecutive days – frequently in preparation for a great feast day, or in some special circumstance of need, etc. However, it could be spread over nine weeks, with each day of the Novena being a Wednesday – the day traditionally associated with devotions to Saint Joseph. It could also be spread over nine (9) months, with each day of the Novena being a First Friday.

The novenas contained in this site are meant to be done in nine (9) or thirty (30) consecutive days or seven (7) consecutive Sundays.

Aside from the Novenas, this site also contains thirteen (13) prayers which were taken from the booklet “Devotions to Saint Joseph” by Brian Moore, S.J., printed and published by the Society of Saint Paul.

Please click the links below for the various prayers/novenas to St. Joseph. Each prayer page contains a St. Joseph virtual altar and candles which you can light before you begin praying.