St. Joseph Virtual Altar

Before praying a St. Joseph novena or any other prayers for St. Joseph, you can go to this virtual altar and if you wish, light the candles (which is below the Altar) and start praying, looking at the Altar with the Crucifix and 3 statues of St. Joseph – as a carpenter, the head of the Holy Family and as the foster father of our Lord Jesus Christ.
I also use this virtual altar when I’m away from home and I want to pray. While I can pray anytime and anywhere, I just find myself more focused when I’m looking at an altar.
To light a candle, just move your mouse over any flame, then move the flame to an unlit candle. On a mobile device, tap on a lit flame, then tap on an unlit candle. After you finish praying, you can blow out the candles by clicking on the Blow Out Candles button.