Testimonials To St. Joseph

My name is Felicitas “Babes” Tan-Magkalas and I created this site to thank St. Joseph for all the answered prayers God has granted me through his intercession. There are so many of them that an entire web site would not be enough to name them all, but allow me to narrate two significant events in my life in which the intercession of this great saint was so evident.

was a freelance consultant in the area of social research/development studies, program development/evaluation and development planning. Way back in 1991, I felt a sense of dissatisfaction with my career, having realized that my work experience then had been limited to urban areas. I wanted so much to work in the rural areas to broaden my development perspective and to have a feel of the problems confronting the rural poor.

I prayed to Saint Joseph to help me find a job which is the most appropriate for me, a job I would truly enjoy doing and be fulfilled at. A few days after, I saw an ad in the newspaper from an international non-government organization (NGO) which was in need of a professional who would be in charge of all the research and program evaluation activities in one of their field offices. The ad did not mention the location of the field office. Nevertheless, I applied for the position and after undergoing a rigorous test and interview, was accepted among 30 candidates to the post. But what was most surprising was the location of the field office where I was to be assigned. It was in a municipality named “SAN JOSE” (a Spanish name which in English, means ST. JOSEPH) which is in one of the poorest provinces in the Philippines. I spent five (5) fulfilling years in San Jose where I grew both professionally and spiritually. Those years were the most meaningful years in my professional life.

A large part of my adult life had been focused on my career. There came a time, however, when I felt a certain emptiness in my emotional life. It was then that I prayed to Saint Joseph to help me find the right man to share my life with, if it was God’s will. A few months after, I saw an ex-boyfriend whom I haven’t seen for six (6) long years, during a reunion with friends in Manila. Once again, the love we felt before blossomed and we got married seven (7) months later. I have never been happier than I am now.

I now live in Canada, a country whose patron saint is Saint Joseph. When I was still in San Jose, I used to go to a church named “Saint Joseph’s Cathedral” and I believe that Saint Joseph led me to live in Hamilton, Ontario, where there is also a Saint Joseph’s Church, a Saint Joseph’s Hospital and a street called St. Joseph’s Drive. I know this great Saint constantly watches over me, reminding me always to trust in God as he had done so faithfully during his earthly life.

Below are other testimonials submitted to St. Joseph’s Site. 

St. Joseph has helped me countless times. As a widow, I looked to him many times for help as a father for my girls, for employment to take care of my family, and for general family issues.

My current husband is a devout Catholic who attends mass every day, and serves as a reader, eucharistic minister, and fills in as a cantor. A year and a half ago, he suffered a severe psychological break that left me and his family searching for cause and treatment. It was particularly difficult for me as I had just retired, and we had talked about plans to travel and other ways to enjoy our retirement. Instead, I spent my days visiting doctors and worrying if I could leave my husband alone.

While there may have been multiple issues that may have caused his mental deterioration, none appeared severe enough to cause such a behavioral change. He began to refuse any treatment and eventually was forced to stay at an in-patient facility for a short time. But still he did not improve. He refused to speak to his sons, family members, friends. He had irrational fears.

I prayed continually to St. Joseph and was frustrated and fearful that my prayers were not answered. I began to lose hope and believed my husband was on the road to dementia. I was very much concerned about my own health.

Finally, we found a psychiatrist who prescribed a different
prescription routine. However, it took many months before I saw much improvement. He remained withdrawn from society for months.

All the while I prayed to St. Joseph. Many times just asking him to tell me what was really going on with my husband. I thought the husband I knew was never going to return.

The strange thing is that the pandemic hit while my husband was in the withdrawal phase, and it actually helped me. For one thing, I stopped feeling sorry for myself because I could not travel and was stuck at home caring for my husband as everyone was in same position. But also, it served as an excuse for my husband’s absence from the public especially the church.
(I am certainly not saying the pandemic was an answer to my prayers, but it helped us get through this.)

After almost a year on the medicine, my husband wanted to return to church and to have conversations with friends, and he started reading at mass. He goes to church every day. Church community thought he just stayed away because of the pandemic.

St. Joseph miraculously brought my husband out of withdrawal and back to life. My husband still takes the medicine and is about 95% the person he was before.

I know St Joseph kept me going and led us to the right treatment. I cannot thank St Joseph enough. I pray to him every day. I very much need him in my life and turn to him for help with family concerns all the time.

From Patricia

For the last few months, our parental home was without a tenant, with lot of accompanying despair to my sister who was looking after it. Just recently, I recollected the miraculous intercessions of St.Joseph during a meditation after my daily prayer. Instantly, I had informed my sister who is living ‘000’s of miles away from me to put a statue of St.Joseph in the property main room and say novenas to St.Joseph. Believe it or not within 48 to 72 hours since then she got a new tenant. I hereby say thanks to the Glorious St.Joseph.

From Anthony Vincent

I would like thank Saint Joseph for his intercession before God recently on my behalf. I work in the recruitment industry and I needed some assistance attracting to me profitable clients so that I had money to save and live on. I prayed to Saint Joseph to bring to me profitable clients  and very quickly he produced results. Within a short time, I had received responses from several new clients asking me to assist them in recruitment.

I would encourage readers to pray to St Joseph when in need and I would like to praise his very strong powers of intercession. Thank you again, Saint Joseph, and I am sorry for the delay in offering you my thanks.

From Leelee

My name is Cheyenne and I’ve been praying fervently for this job I’ve been wanting and guess what? I got it! I’ve been praying to God and Jesus and St. Joseph as well as some other saints and I’m so grateful for this new job. I start this coming Monday and it’s my faith that helped me get the job. It’s full-time and I can help give my family better than I had.  I’ve been using the special prayer to St. Joseph for a favor and it’s said it’s never been known to fail so be sure you really want what you ask for. I had in my heart about this job and my prayer was granted earlier today.  I want to make known that St. Joseph has helped me find great employment; and I pray for all those who are unemployed that they can find suitable employment for themselves and their family. St. Joseph made a great intersession for me and I’m very thankful. St. Joseph will help you. Keep praying and as always, keep the faith!

From Cheyenne

Just to add my thanks to St Joseph, I too sold my property, and the statue now holds a prominent and watchful position in my current home.
I followed all the instructions on this website on how to bury the statue. I buried it early January and signed a contract just short of the asking price with a buyer by the end of March. I was delighted and extrememly grateful to St Joseph for all his assistance! Thank you so much!

From Ally

First time I heard about novena prayers was through a friend who escaped a plane crash with her family in Nigeria after praying to St Joseph ,she missed the flight and that plane ended up crashed killing everyone onboard! So I was moved to google St Joseph because I was emotionally down with problems and fear of shame and humiliation was tracing me.

I prayed to St Joseph and I read all the wonderful testimonies from others and I kept the faith. The fear of the unknown in my heart began to melt away because I believe my God works miracles because of past events in my life.

After praying for several days I dreamed I was in a big church like a catholic parish!!! Then I saw my father’s house and there was bad handwriting all over the front wall of the building. I was so disappointed and was confused seen the bad writings printed on the fine wall. Then I saw somebody with a piece of cloth wiping every wrong writings on the wall and I touched the wall and everything was totally cleared off the wall. Praise God through St Joseph !

I knew as I woke up that God has answered my prayers through the prayer warriors praying on my behalf. Every evil written word in my life by the devil has been cancelled and cleaned off and I believe I shall also be blessed with the fruit of the womb as I wait upon God through St Joseph. Amen.

From Joy Nielsen

Greetings of Peace!

St Joseph is my favorite patron and beloved Saint.
I would like to share and witness how powerful are the prayers of St Joseph.

Our family has received a lot of blessings and myself personally. My mom is a devotee of St Joseph. She belongs to St Joseph organization in our hometown in the Philippines. I now realized that all our family’s blessings from God are attributed to St Joseph’s intercession. I remember I was young, may be 5 years of age, my father was bed- ridden and my mom was a plain housewife. We had financial difficulty then. But my mom was a very prayerful, very religious and a strong person. I remember, my mom gathered us every night to pray the Rosary and Novena to St Joseph for my father’s health and aid in our financial needs. And all our prayers were answered beyond our expectations. My brothers were able to get job overseas, my dad’s health has improved and he was able to survive one month after I passed my board exams in engineering when I was 27 years.

Our blessings are countless but I would like to share one personal gift – my husband. I thought that I will never get married again after my first marriage. Every time I go to church, I prayed to God, and I asked the intercession of St Joseph before his image with a sincere heart to grant me a husband that has the same qualities as St Joseph. And he granted me all that I’ve asked for and even surpassed my expectation. He gave me a person with a good heart – loving, patient, understanding, kind, generous, not demanding – good looking, bachelor & intelligent engineer, with an added bonus he is handy and he likes woodworking , he is also a carpenter.

God is just a prayer away. Go to St Joseph to expedite the favors that you are seeking from God. God bless you.

From Corazon

I stumbled upon the StJosephSite at a time when everything was upside down in my life. Some six years ago, we had a misunderstanding with a certain priest when I was the Chairman of the Parish Pastoral Council. The altercation disheartened the family to the extent that my wife left the Roman Catholic Church and started fellowshipping at the local Christ Embassy church and I supported her. Then some three years ago we started feeling the strain in our relationship because of the differences in our church programs and ideologies. I continued in the Catholic Church and was humbled when I was elected to diocesan chairman and also to vice chairman of the national catholic commission for the laity until my term expired one year ago. During all this time the relationship with my wife continued to deteriorate until in reality we were no longer one flesh. I ended up falling prey to an affair which I only recently confessed to my wife, who not surprisingly, already knew every detail of the sordid affair.

At that time I sought for divine intervention in my life and stumbled upon the St. Joseph Site. I made a prayer request through this site and downloaded the Novenna to St. Joseph. Three days into the Novenna, my wife came to me and said that she was quitting Christ Embassy and was moving back to the Catholic Church, “for the sake of family unity, peace and harmony” as she put it. Everything started rolling back into fine tune, I asked for my wife’s forgiveness and above all for God’s forgiveness. We joined the small Christian community in our area and they assisted in the saying of our first family mass in six years, in the comfort of our own home, and we have attended every section prayer meeting for the last month and have stopped missing mass.

Oh the joy of seeing the restoration of love, peace and harmony in my family. We have received numerous sms’s and e-mails from the community congratulating the family for taking the bull by the horns and reconciling as a Christian family. Our finances have improved. I have broken up the affair. This Sunday as we celebrate the feast of St. Johns at our local St. Johns Parish my wife will be officially received back into the Catholic Church, where we celebrated our marriage almost 30 years ago. And all this because I stumbled upon this site. I thank the Prayer warriors for praying for me but most of all I thank St. Joseph for intercession on behalf of this family. I never believed in the power of St. Joseph’s intercession but half way through my Novenna to St. Joseph I was so frightened of this power. It is only a small help if I can similarly pray for others and wish to join the Prayer warriors and pass on the links to the StJosephSite to as many people as I can from my address book.

I want to warn others in similar situations never to allow separation of the family unit into fellowshipping at different churches. My mistake was allowing this to happen in the name of freedom of religious association. I had to learn the hard way and would not want to wish this on any catholic or other Christian family.

My wife had now been elected into the position of Financial Administrator at Christ Embassy. At her separation with that congregation she was shocked to hear her Pastor’s appraisal of her “poor” leadership qualities. The Pastor claimed that in leaving Christ Embassy and going back to the Catholic Church my wife had shown that she had failed spiritually and was actually moving the “light” at Christ Embassy to the “dark” at the Roman Catholic Church. This was shocking as it is impossible to claim that salvation can only be obtained at Christ Embassy. We were told that we will look for God and it was just a matter of time. Our response was one of profound shock. One wonders whether the Pastor was right in trying to hold on to my wife when their church was the obvious cause of the discord in our marriage. She put the Fear of God into us, but we already fear and love God dearly as we have nowhere else to turn in such trying times and in our particular situation.

For those who read this testimony, see the power of God at work and continue to pray for us as a family as we continue on this journey.

Thank you for the prayers answered, Oh St. Joseph.

Thank you to the prayer warriors for your intercessions.

From Sunny Kalenjeka

I was praying to st. Joseph to sell my house, but he answered me in a different way by providing me with a beter income to help pay my mortgage better, and im sure when house prices come back up he will find a client for me. Im just so grateful to him, i will still leave him buried but will do his novena every day to him. Im am so grateful and i know this is the right result for me at this time. I pray now that this job im going to do will work out well for me. I was a foster mother for 14 years and stopped doing it 2 years ago. Im going back again to do the same job. And i know St, joseph knows how well i did that job and will help me again to do my work very well. Thank you again St. Joseph.

From Joan Roche

Hi there,

I just wanted to let someone know, that I have been looking for work in my field now for 2 years. I took a 2 year program, to work with behaviourally challenged children. However, couldn’t find work anywhere here in Canada. Heck i was even willing to work out of my province just to get the experience. I’m a separated Catholic mother, and am experiencing many financial troubles, just to keep afloat. I recently was introduced to an elderly gentleman who belongs to a ‘Rosary Group’ here in Peterborough, ON Canada. My brother introduced me to him. I have been applying to group homes, residential treatment homes, etc, etc. and nothing came up. I noticed that an employment agency was hiring for Personal Support Workers. I do hold a college diploma in this field and applied several months ago. I didn’t hear anything. So, once again, I felt stumped. This elderly man said he would pray for me, to help me find work. I started saying a nine day novena to St.Joseph, after saying it only 2 days, I received a phone call from Red Cross. Had an interview, and am awaiting a call back. The reason I am writing all of this, is because there are many good things occurring in my life since I began praying to this novena and to Brother Andre, and to St. Joseph. And am quite happy to share my story. Hopefully you can pass this story on, to your parishners..and offer them some hope too.

From Tralee Stars

Wanted to thank you for having a good prayer that was answered by Saint Joseph and through our Lord Jesus was granted. I lost my job on 1-13-2012 and I found your sight when the priest of my church told me about how St. Joseph takes care of the worker. I found your sight looking for prayers for Saint Joseph and found a 9 day novena that was just beautiful. I wrote the prayer down and have been carrying it with me since then. Then I recently saw that you just put out a short prayer last week and I started praying that one too. I have been hired by a good company with better pay and am so glad to be back at work. I tell everybody it was because of Saint Joseph favor thru our Lord Jesus. Before this I have never prayed to St. Joseph, always to our Lord and Blessed Mother Mary. Now I will include St. Joseph always.

From Tomas Tobin

Thank you St. Joseph for special favors granted.

From Kim Melancon

I made a Novena twice to St Joseph. At first I was reluctant to follow the process of burying St Joseph in the garden until the house is sold, simply because it was disrespectful to me. After some thought and prayer I believed there must be some relevance to this, as I recalled some stories told by my cousin, Sister Marie Bernadette who is a Sister of the Little Infant Jesus of how they would bury St Joseph until their prayer request were granted to feed the many in the Old Peoples’ Homes.

I prayed the Novena twice and buried St Joseph, a little glass image given to me at the age of 8 by my Uncle when I made my Confirmation. I currently live with my children in Sydney and used their house as a surrogate for my house in Perth, Western Australia. I buried St Joseph’s image and prayed for the successful sale of my house which happened in Holy Week. I spoke to a friend who said that the market was slow and had not much movement and that it was a buyer’s market, but with prayer and faith, I successful sold my house.
My heartfelt gratitude to St Joseph for this successful sale. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Blessed Be.

From Maria (Sydney,Australia)

I would like to thank you for your prayers and the prayers or the warrior prayer team. Because my husband defaulted on the first payment of the trial basis remodification I almost lost my chances of keeping my home. I just received the confirmation of the remodification loan I applied for. After I began the novena to st joseph, about the 4th day, I called the mortgage company about the approval of the remodification loan. They told me at that time to continue to make payments. but I may not get the chance again. I now received the remodification loan papers to make the payments permanantly at a lower interest rate. Thank you Jesus!

From Betty Sais

My husband and I did a nine day novena to St. Joseph, for a job transfer. We had recently relocated our family from Hawaii to the mainland, and hoped that during his 3 month vacation, we could find a job/transfer. We hadn’t found anything, and were weeks away from having him have to go back to Hawaii, while we waited on the mainland for him to either find another job/transfer. I was very concerned, as I am a mother of three small children, without him around, it is very difficult. So we prayed the novena together every night, with hopes of something. He contacted some people in his department around the area we were looking to live, and there was one response from someone in his department, calling for a job, but it wasn’t offered to him. After a ton of work, and prayer, the job ended up being his. We are so very, very grateful to St. Joseph. THANK YOU Saint Joseph, we LOVE you!

From Stefan & Mary

We had purchased another house and were trying to sell our old house in one of the worst real estate markets in history. We needed to sell the house quickly since we were paying two mortgages, electric bills, water bills, and home owners association fees. We also needed to stay firm on our selling price in order to break even in paying off the mortgage on the house we were selling. A tall order which caused a lot of financial and emotional stress on my wife and I. I had prayed the 9 day novena several times consecutively. We had many showings of the house and only one offer which was extremely low. I kept praying the Novena to St. Joseph, having faith that through his intersession, God would grant our need. After only one month we had an offer on the house at our asking price. We accepted the offer and closed on the house in the next month. I believe that this sale in such a short time in a bad market was only possible through the Divine intercession of St. Joseph. All thanks and praise goes to him. and to our G I would encourage others to have faith and pray to St. Joseph in their time of need for he will not fail them. God bless you and thank you for this website.

From John

St. Joseph heard our prayers and helped us sell our house.

I buried a statue of St. Joseph upside down in our front yard. I prayed the St. Joseph Novena just about every day. We only had a handful of showings and only one couple with real interest. We found a great new house, but couldn’t move forward because we needed to sell ours first.

St. Joseph brought in one couple with real interest, and after a long wait, they put in a contract. The house we wanted was still available, and we were able to put in a contract and buy it.

Knowing that St. Joseph was watching over us and helping to get us into a new house that’s right for our family, gave me a tiny bit of peace in a storm of chaos.

Thank you for publishing your site. I pray that others will also turn to St. Joseph for aid and allow his strength to bring them peace during troubled times.

From Kristy

I hope you will not feel bored because I keep on sending you e mail. Anyway, St. Joseph has answered all my requests. Before my husband leaves for Brunei, I prayed so that I have money to buy his airfare ticket to Brunei and return to Malaysia via Kuala Lumpur, you see the immigration is so strict. And a little bit money for his lodging and food in Brunei. And I got it. When he leaves Brunei, I prayed so that the Malaysian Immigration will give him his 3 months visa and he got it. When he is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, I prayed so that I will have financial assistance to renew his passport in his Embassy. And I got it. When he is leaving to return to Sabah, Malaysia, I prayed so that I have yet again financial assistance to buy his airfare ticket and I got it. I even have my cousin to send me some money for his lodging and food in Kuala Lumpur. Thank you St. Joseph, I will always pray to you. And I believe everyting is possible with God’s grace. I also pray the rosary and novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. And i never stop to praise God using your “Make prayer a habit 28 week program”. Thank you dear Babes. I believe my guardian angel guide me to your St. Joseph site. I pray also so that the people who help me will be blessed.

In Jesus name. Amen.

From Mary

Thank you for your wonderful website dedicated to Saint Joseph. I’d like to share some of the blessings Saint Joseph has sent over the years, though the words and detail of these divine tidings will inevitably fail me.

My devotion to Saint Joseph began as an invitation a few years ago – one which I, admittedly, was hesitant to receive. An acquaintance told me about making a novena to Saint Joseph. This was during an almost two-year period when I was unable to find sustainable work. As thousands of others were in this same position, I heard about making novenas to Saint Joseph, but still I was reluctant to make one myself. Suffice it to say, this played on my mind and heart for months. (How God is relentless to pursue us!) In January of 2009, I was, quite simply, fed up with how long, how stressful, how empty it felt to seek…seek…in what felt like such a thick, cold darkness. The graces God was sending were often times clear, but I couldn’t understand why He wasn’t giving me “this” (a job) that I was so hungry for. I thought often — how He could console me so specifically, so unfailingly beautifully, all while withdrawing something (a job) which felt like such a basic request.

Finally, in late January, I made a novena to Saint Joseph. This wasn’t rote praying, I was filled with requests, emotions, tears, and relentless begs every single one of those nine days. (I am leaving out some significant details, for that I am sorry.) On the ninth day, I was offered a job, but before they could make it official, they told me they had to process paperwork. My husband’s response was “No.” His certitude surprised me – as he is such a supportive, compassionate, giving man who had dealt with my gloom on this quest for work for so long. The fact he was showing his support and compassion by telling me this job was not right absolutely changed everything. I asked my mother if Saint Joseph could answer this way. Especially because what saying “no” meant for us felt, to me, like we were walking into the pit of despair. Even worse, could this “no” mean we had become addicted to pain, struggle and fear? Oh, but God does not will these things! This is never the final word with the Lord! The result of that “no” utterly changed us. Within two weeks, I was starting an exciting job at a new company, filled with potential. Weeks after I started working there, I received a call from the old company that had that pending offer. (Which by then felt like a vague memory!) They called to tell me they were sorry they took so long to get back to me, but for some reason they were unable to process my paperwork due to some issue in their system; that they were still interested but would need to get back to me in a few days. I was happy then to tell them no, thank you! 🙂

Ever since, Saint Joseph has been an incredible intercessor, who has never failed. From answering the most specific, desperate pleas, to continually showing me when the answer is no that I need to be patient, courageous and faithful. Saint Joseph, pray for us. Saint Joseph, intercede for us. Saint Joseph, I pray that one day I may meet you in His Heavenly Kingdom. To all those who share in thanksgiving to Saint Joseph, thanks be to God! For all those seeking work, a home, a partner, a way, an answer, a child, a yearning, an ache, peace, family, may the Lord always bless you in your seeking.

From Kay Dills

This is a testimony that my prayer to pass my road test was answered today.
Thank you St. Joseph, my guardian angels, Jesus, Mary and the Lord our God for the special Blessing.

I thank you from my hear and thank you for the wonderful message of taking my fears away

From Joy

Thank you St. Joseph for all your assistance in intervening for us and getting work for my husband today. He has been out of work for many months and was just called a few minutes ago and now starts on Monday Dec. 5, 2011 working for UPS. Thank you St. Joseph and we love you very much and many blessings to you!!

From Carmen

Four years ago , we wanted to sell our house for a move overseas. It was the beginning of the housing crash. I was very difficult to sell at that time. I prayed to St. Joseph and buried a St. Joseph statue in the garden upside down. Within a short time we sold the house and were able to make our move. St. Joseph really helped and interceded for us. I pray to him often, he is very loving and generous. He helps to strengthen my faith.

Thank you St. Joseph.

From Stephanie Flury

We have been facing problem in having an issue since last 4 years of our marriage. We tried with so many medicine but was of no use. We stopped taking medicine. This vacation we went to many pilgrimage places and prayed devotedly. We prayed to ST.JOSEPH specially to grant the favour of fatherhood to me. I said the novena to St.Joseph for nine days as my wife’s pregnancy had to be confirmed, yesterday the doctor has confirmed the pregnancy. We saw the heartbeat of the baby, it was an unbelievable sight for me.

I was surprised momentously so was my wife. We are overwhelmed with joy for such a beautiful gift that GOD has given us. We thank ST.JOSEPH for interceding for our prayer request. We have no words left to express our gratitude to our patron saint.

Our faith in GOD has grown more today. I kneel down before you my dear ST.JOSEPH and thank you and praise you. I leave the health of our baby unto you, please take care of the baby and us always,   Thank you ST.JOSEPH.

From Biju ( India )

Beginning of 2006 I moved for my job from Belgium to Germany ( Munich ) working at the headquarters of a multinational.

As my children were still going at school it was not easy to move with the whole family to Munich which meant I had to every weekend home to join my children and wife. Although I had a great job it was not so easy on the emotional side.

After 3 years my delegation was coming to an end but they asked me if I could still stay one year extra. After discussing pros and cons we decided with my wife to go for it.

When I started to prepare my return to Belgium in 2009 I started to experience heavy problems to find a suitable job position in the affiliated company which I left 4 years before. Although this process should have ran smoothly a lot of obstacles popped up. In fact Headquarters refused to take up a certain position in Belgium and after some time I got a second position offered but in this case the working council objected.

During all that time, although I was sometimes disappointed, I never lost confidence that St-Joseph would help me. In fact I prayed more than once a novena always with the conviction that St-Joseph would ask our Father in Heaven to provide me with the best.

Finally after refusal by the working council I told my Belgian management that I trusted they would find a suitable solution. I had still to stay 2 months in Munich in 2010 without knowing how it would turn out.

Finally on Friday, March 19 th (!) 2010 I found myself on the plane for the last time returning to Belgium to take up a new job the next Monday.

I heard afterwards that some high positioned people in the Headquarters had interfered without my knowledge to insist on finding a position in Belgium .

After more than one year I can only say that I am very happy being back and having such a nice job. Thank you St-Joseph !

From Yvan De Brouwer

I prayed the nine days novena St. Joseph at the end of March 2010. I prayed
for him to intercede for me and my family. Two of the things I prayed for
would be that 1) I pass my NCLEX-RN which I would be taking on the 9th day
of the novena and 2) My dad be able to find a job. Both came to be. Two
weeks after I took the NCLEX I received my RN License in the mail. Also, 3
months later, on the day of my mom’s birthday, my Dad was offered a decent
job that payed well. Many major things that changed our lives happened in
the year 2010. And now I hope my testimonial will help others to let them
know that God and the Saints listen and can answer prayers.

From Crystal

I would like to express my gratitude to Dear St. Joseph for a favour granted.
I had a pimple- like growth on my hard pallet and it was there for six months,
until I had the opportunity to see my ENT specialist. The pimple was removed for a biopsy examination. During those six months, I implored St Joseph to help me and he never failed me! The report came back as a non-cancerous growth. Deo Gratias and thank you St. Joseph for the many favours granted to me over the years, since my teenage years.

From Roy

I want to thank the beautiful St Joseph for granting my prayer wish. I pray to him constantly and did a novena and he granted my prayer and spared my health. My devotion and love is with St Joseph. Please publish this so that others may also be helped.

From Jennifer

I am a firm believer of St Joseph’s help!

I have praying the 9 day novena for a few months. I had been seeking St Joseph’s help in finding a future a husband. I have met James, he has every thing I look for in husband. He too says that I am the ‘one’. The circumstances in which we met is incredible and that could only been possible through Divine Grace with St Joseph praying and interceding for me! We have been talking about marriage and looking at dates and timeline. We keep praying to St Joseph for he has listened to us and I know he wont fail us.

From Ama

I just wanna say thank you to St. Joseph for answering my prayers, to you and to the prayer warriors who helped me obtained my petition. It has been a month now since I had been looking for work. I applied to many jobs, any jobs at all but always been unsuccessful, along with that, I have been looking for novena where I can say my petitions too til I came across your website on Oct 6. I read all the testimonies and decided to do the nine-day novena. I have been praying to St. Jude to please help me find a permanent and good paying job as I still have family in the Philippines that I need to support too. Then Oct. 12, I got a call from this Sales and Marketing company for an interview on Oct. 14 (my 9th day of the novena), then just today I got offered with the job. This job, is a commission based, no basic, but I hope this is where He wants me to be. I also would like to thank St. Jude, and our Lady of Antipolo because I have been praying to them to before I come here in Australia..Thank you again and I put my faith in God for this job..God Bless!

From Lea Francisco

I wanted to send a quick note of thanks to you and to the people who pray the St. Joseph novena for others who are in need of help. I submitted a request a little over a week ago about getting a job in hope that my prayers, as well as the prayers of others, would help me get a job I so desperately needed.

I graduated college almost 2 years ago and have been unable to find work. It has been an incredibly trying time for me. I have suffered a great deal with anxiety about my life, to the point where it would get debilitating. The Saint Joseph novena was my last hope, and something I just learned about from your site.

The miraculous news is that, despite my many doubts, I was offered a position earlier this afternoon. I start my new job (almost 2 years in the making) on Monday! Many thanks to you for sharing this powerful novena with others via the web. And many thanks to those that prayed the novena for me. For the first time, in a long time, I am somewhat hopeful about what lies ahead.

Many thanks, and many blessings to you!

From Becky Ford

We chanced upon your site yesterday and how St Joseph has worked in your life and the lives of many other faithful followers. Below is my humble testimony I wish to share with you and everyone else.

In Feb 2010, my family and I moved to Melbourne, Australia without a job. We have been praying to St Joseph for the last two months after my wife found the St Joseph’s prayer card in her wallet. Today, the 26 July 2010, the feast of St Joachim and St Ann, I received a call from the government organization telling me that I was the successful candidate for the recent job interview that I had gone for.

Thank You for praying for me St Joseph just as we starting to get doubtful and worry about our situation. We are so very grateful to you, St Faustina, St Pio, St Jude Thaddeus, St Josemaria Escriva, Our Lady of Mount Carmel and Our Lord Jesus Christ. We will continue to spread devotion to you St Joseph and the Divine Mercy Prayer.

From Adrian

I would like to thank you for helping me to pray to St. Joseph with regard to my request to enlighten the mind of the immigration officer to consider the approval of the extension of my work permit. After 3 months processing of my papers, I finally got the answer got my passport with the approval of my work permit. It’s an answered prayer.

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. God bless.

From Donna Paloma

I want to thank you, all the prayer warriors, St. Joseph & most of all, GOD. I just received my final job offer and I passed my security clearance! Praise God! I am a single mom who has been out of work and looking for over 2 ½ years. I have been praying and looking for a job for 3 years. I just finished my nine day novena to St. Joseph and I received the final job offer today! Amen.

I also started the St. Joseph prayer circle 2 months ago. Thank you!

I would like to post this testimonal in thanking St Joseph in helping me to find a new job. I have been very unhappy with my present job with lots of stress adding with, quite an unreasonable superior and after discussing with my wife, I decided to resign from my present job.

But because of my monthly financial commitments, I could not just leave my job till i find a new one and therefore, I turn to St Joseph for help and his powerful intercession.

I continue praying to St Joseph almost everyday and St Joseph has helped me with the interviews and especially, for interceding for me to Jesus for sucesss in my job application.

I thank St Joseph for his help and intercession and particularly, Thank God for His Mercy and Goodness.

From Anthony

On June 2010 I was laid off from my job. I loved my job and I felt very debastated. I applied for over 100 jobs and I did not get any interviews. I felt very nervous because I just bought a house and did not know how I was going to be able to afford the mortgage. I prayed a lot. I started to do the NOvena and like 2 weeks later I started to get phone calls for interviews. I went to three interviews. I was hired from one of the jobs. I am now making more money that I was making in my previous job. I just have to say thank you st. Joseph for your intersection. Im very happy to give this testimonial! Thanks so much St. Joseph!!

Julissa, Bronx, NY

I was searching for a job for the last few months, with great faith in St.Joseph who had helped me number of times earlier, and its was thenBabes, sent me “Tips for Effective Prayer . Within few weeks, since I had followed the tips in the material sent by Babes, praying to St.Joseph I found myself in a job interview, and I have now joined the company. Praise to Glorious St.Joseph !!!

From Anthony Vincent

Basically, I had cancer in my bladder, and the surgeons took away my bladder. However although my prayers were of the desperate nature, (that I would not need to go through the surgery) there came an answer in the form of a huge surgeon, who gave me some little hope. He said he would manufacture a new bladder from my small Intestine. The very next day he spent 8 hours doing exactly that.

Two and a half years on, I have been back at work for nearly 2 years, Had some scans, all clear. Enjoying much of what life has to offer, some things have changed, but very little to complain about, in fact my male family members have suffered from prostrate cancers in later years, that at least I am spared as they removed that too.

For the record, I arrived at your site way back then, and made some of the Novenas, I cannot claim for St Joseph exclusively, I prayed too to our Dear Mother Mary and to Our Lord Jesus!

Anyway, I hope you have a really splendid vacation, and return refreshed and ready for another period of toil and labour for our patron of workers everywhere and the guardian of our Lord.

Thanks again.

From Michael A Campbell

Thank you St. Joseph for your intercession on our behalf. I purchased a St. Joseph statue around June 14, 2010 and put our house on the market on June 20, 2010. My 12 year old son didn’t want to bury the statue, so I just kept it in a drawer and did the 9 day novena. No success. So, I asked my son to do the novena with me and I placed the statue on the kitchen window sill facing in. We did the novena for 9 days. We received an offer on our house July 11th and it just closed today, August 10th. We sold our house in less than a month in a down market. I know that St. Joseph interceded on our behalf and I am so grateful for his intercession and for God’s answer to our prayers. Thank you, St. Joseph, your statue will be prominently displayed in our new hom

From Ann Kieffaber

I want to say that the St. Joseph Statue REALLY REALLY works!

I want to share my whole story. We put our condo for sale on May 29,2010 in a exclusive listing in order to save money on the real estate commission but it was not working so good, so I went on Internet to read about selling a house fast and I came across the St Joseph Statue so I decided to buy, I ordered on June 02, 2010.

On June 11,2010 we bought a house and we were happy but very stress that our condo was not sold and not even offers yet, and I was still awaiting for the St Joseph Statue to arrive( It took longer because I am in Toronto- Canada) so on Jun 13 I went to to a catholic store and bought another statue. I came home and buried it on a potted plant, but my gut was telling that I also should hire a different Agent, so on June 14 we decided to fire the Agent and hire a new, the same day I got the St. Joseph Statue I ordered from this site, so i ended up having 2 St josephs.

On June 16( Wednesday) our condo was listed on MLS at 9:30AM by 10:00AM we already had two showings for the evening. I came home I decided to bury the other St Joseph statue on the garden in front of our building , but what I did was to put st Joseph in the bag it came on and inside I put a paper with the number of my unit and wrapped on plastic paper so it won’t get dirty and I started praying a Novena to St Joseph. On the sixth day my son and I went down stairs to talk to St Joseph and thanking for all the showing and I asked him to bring me a couple with a child that would love our condo, as we were talking to St Joseph we saw a young couple coming to see apts in our building , the wife was pregnant , I stoop up and open the lobby door for them and I asked them what unit were they going to see . They told me they were looking at 2, suite 205, 2311 and 715, I told them 715 it is mine, so they said let’s go see yours first. So I brought them up opened the door for them and I left.
On the seventh day my Agent called me to tell that we have received an offer, I knew it was the couple and I asked her who was the selling Agent when she gave the name I could not believe the offer was coming form the couple I mentioned before. The offer was not so good so we sent a counter offer and they sent one back to us with an acceptable price. On the ninth day the offer was signed by both parties.

It only took 9 NINE DAYS, all the other listing on my building have been in the market for a least 25 days.

Thank you GOD and Thank you St Joseph.

From Adriana

Thank you so much, St. Joseph, for prayers answered. You have answered so many prayer requests of mine throughout the years for which I am deeply grateful. I am especially grateful for you always coming to my aid, most recently with a job that I so badly need. Thank you for all that you have done for me.

From Kelly O’Connor

I began a 9 day novena to St. Joseph on my 20 year old daughter. She was hanging around with people that I knew were leading her down the wrong path and she was not living the life that I raised her to live and that I knew in her heart she wanted to live. She was lying to me, telling me she was in one place and really being at another, smoking pot, hanging out with negative people that did not have good relationships with their own parents.

Our relationship had never been more strained and more unhealthy. I didn’t know what to do, it seemed that nothing I did worked and everything was spiraling out of control.

In my prayer, I asked that my daughter stop hanging around with the people she was, I asked that she be safe, that she turn back to me and her Father and sister, and become my sweet, caring, respectful daughter again. I asked that she continue on with her education or get a good job where she would meet new people. I asked that she get on a new, healthy, path of life spiritually and physically.

On the 9th morning of the novena, WE GOT A MIRACLE, I am not at liberty to say exactly what it was, but it was soooooo powerful and so pronounced and we feel on that day, we saved our daughter.

Let me just say, we received a tip from a local police department that or daughter was in danger and when we confronted her with everything and told her what we knew, she fell apart, talked to us, told us she didn’t know how she had gotten herself in this situation and completely turned to us for help and guidance.

It has only been a few days, but the change in her life, our lives, is miraculous.
She is staying away from all her “so called” friends, she is looking at schools for the Fall, she is back to my sweet, caring daughter that is respecting her Father and me.

She is looking to other friends that she knows are good people. SHE IS SAFE, and she came so close to true danger.

The events that took place on that 9th day of my novena to St., Joseph was exactly what I asked for and prayed for.

I am in complete devotion to St, Joseph, I always have been. In fact I have a life size statue of ST. Joseph in my backyard that my Father saved from a church that was being wrecked over 50 years ago.

THANK YOU ST. JOSEPH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From Mary Batavia

I never thought I could say to myself , let alone TO others, that St Joseph is so alive and powerfull in Heaven.

I am just an average boy , Ardeleanu Bogdan, living in Oradea, Romania, and have been a layer for 11 years now. I have been raised in a more laic catholic family then a devout one, everything I knew about st. Joseph was from my Mother, that He is very powerfull, because He is the foster father of Child Jesus, and nothing more. Nothing from my dad, nothing from others, priests, etc. I am sorry to ad that our romanian catholic priests , (greek-catholic ones) are more oriented to russian orthodox SAINTS then roman catholics’.
To make the story short, after hearing what my mother had to say about St Joseph, I decided to give it a try.

This was last year in november. Our country has been heavily dragged into recession, poverty in Romanian is on the highest of last 60 years, average lawyers LIKE ME starve running out clients or potential good business affairs.( I am sorrry if use wrong english from time to time.)
I understood after reading on net, St Joseph is a great help of Workers. Well, I decided to start a novena to help me in my work, as I could no longer see any means to stay afloat within my work, I simply run out clients. If I remember well, I did not even dare asking Him send me clients, just to help me with my work.

well, I started my novena prayers to my now Patron. On the 3rd of 4th day of novenna, I received a phone call from a College Friend where we studied law and she had met me again some weeks ago,in my city ,where her Attorneys at law had some pending disputes defending their clients, even their society , a Huge one, was in Bucharest, our capital.

On speaking to me by phone, she unexpectedly proposed me to represent their Attorneys in Law society within the local disputes in my town, since thus it would be more comfortable and less expensive to them. I immediately thought of St Joseph Novenna… On the last day of the novena, the director of this Attorneys in Law came to my town and we signed a contract A VERY ADVANTAGEOUS ONE TO ME , TAKE MY WORDS FOR GRANTED !!!!

I fill tears coming out when I write this. It cannot be attributed to anyone or anything else but St Joseph’s … This attorney friend usually met other lawyer friends of college when comming to my town for her disputes , but St Joseph asked the Lord to be me the chosen one.

It has been a half year now and I still represent them. During March, this year, I decided to make a one month novena as a gratitude for St Joseph’s intercession, I mentioned above. On 18 March I received from my local bar for the next day (St Joseph’s!) a delegation , as a counsel ex officio,for a a huge and very well paied (believe me) case in which I had to represent a pack of refugees trying to cross the romanian border on their way to Italy. This was again a miracle in itself because never before a lawyer in my bar had the opportunity to assist for one day, ex officio such a large number of charged people, and beeing so well payed in return. And it only lasted 2 hours! Yes, It was St Joseph’s intercession, because i just decided to thank him for beeing so kind to me.

Please post this.

I am now a firm believer of the great power of St Joseph. I am now praying daily to him, because seeing His power in one’s life is a very touchy experience.
I am also decided to pray the Rosary and the Divine Mercy chapelet every day, because I have found, after long investigations, they are the most powerful prayers, along with the Mass. I will pray to him for my family, my work, and my everlasting but still not fulfilled dream: flying gliders or powered planes. St Joseph, please pray for me!

God bless you all

From Bogdan

I just want to express my profound thanks to St. Joseph and to this site. St. Joseph thru the mercy of God heard our prayers. We received some money from my husband’s company as help during this time that he lost his job. He only worked with them for one year, and as of this time he is not due some benefits. What he received, I never expected the amount. PRAISE THE LORD AND PRAISED BE ST.JOSEPH FOR HELPING US. We are still praying for my husband (Tyrone) and my son (Duane) to find a suitable jobs. My husband’s age ( 67 y/o)will be a drawback to get him a job but I firmly believe that God’s power will surmount the problem and with the help of my Saint, St. Joseph, my husband will be able to find a good job. Thank you once again and looking forward for more graces and blessings to come.

From Zenia Rodericks

I graduated last 2009 from nursing school and have been looking for a job since. I have had 2 jobs which only lasted for a few days due to problems that I have encountered or probably the lack of confidence in myself that I could do it. After that I looked everywhere for a job and nobody else seems to be hiring so I decided to pray this novena to St.Joseph. I was kind of hopeless thinking that I didn’t have the slightest chance to find a job very soon but I was wrong. After I finished this novena, I got a call from two prospective employers for an interview and got accepted to the one that was close to my house. I am so thankful to this prayer, to St.Joseph for interceding for me and praying for me and to God! Praise the Lord for He is good and He loves us all. Thank you also St.Joseph…I love you.

From Marjorie Pacquing

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to St. Joseph. He was definitely instrumental in the selling of our home especially during these economic times. I prayed daily to allow St. Joseph to help our home stand out and sell and he did just that. We closed on it yesterday. We put our home up for sale in August 2009 and we were up against some things in our neighborhood that were out of our control. I started praying to St. Joseph daily to help us move our children to a safer neighborhood and better schools. Well St. Joseph really pulled through and allowed us to sell at exactly the right time, so our children could finish this school year. He also helped us to find a place to rent until we could complete the building of our new home. I will always remember St. Joseph’s intercession and encourage devotion to him.

St. Joseph also has a special place in my heart concerning my son. When I was pregnant with him I had an ultrasound and they said his head was too small. Well I prayed daily to St. Joseph and my son was born completely normal with no problems. I gave him Joseph as his middle name due to St. Joseph’s intercession.


From JG

Last November we placed our home up for sale for the 2nd time in 5 years. We had done extensive work on our home but our home is also 110 years old with only 1 bathroom. We had outgrown our home and it was beginning to cause a lot of stress. We had many home showings and open houses but we had never had an offer. In December I had heard of burying a St. Joseph stature and thus purchased and began to pray each night for our success. In mid March we had a couple look 3 times at our home but in the end purchased a cheaper home down the street. Two weeks later there financing did not go through we heard thus saved us a lot of time and stress. We were devestated but I kept praying. On April 1st we lowered our price to the lowest price we could let it go for, and I told my wife that April is our final month. I continued to pray to St. Joseph. One week later we got our first legit offer and by weeks end we had a contract on our home. We are now in the process of purchasing another home in our town and have continued to pray to St. Joseph and know he has been praying diligently on our behalf. We find out today if the home we can see our family in will be ours and I have no doubt that this prayer will also be heard by God by St. Joeseph. The St. Joeseph statue will have a place on our mantle in our new home and a new faith in the intercessions of St. Joseph has been found.

From Dave Fennewald

I wanted you to know that my prayer request for employment was answered on Friday 4/30/10- a few days after I submitted my request to St. Joseph. I thank the prayer warriors for praying and hope they continue since I am a work in progress. Thank you so much for your awesome website and keep the blessings coming. God bless you!

From Kathy Ewing

My devotion to St. Joseph started 10 years ago when I was trying to recover from a series of failed relationships. I do not exactly remember how, but I got hold of the nine day novena. I started praying to St. Joseph to send me someone who will be the one for me. Two months, after I met the man who eventually became my husband after 3 years. He is a good person- loving, responsible, kind hearted, and a very good father and husband.

Since then, there have been countless times that my prayers were answered through St. Joseph’s intercession. The most significant one is when I prayed for a good career that will be fulfilling, and will provide well for our family. And I did. I got the kind of career that I wanted and was able to earn more than enough for the needs of our family.

Thank you very much St. Joseph. Words are not enough to express my gratitude to you.

From Sheila

Dear St Joseph, thank you for hearing my petitions and interceding to Lord God and to Lord Jesus Christ for allowing me to pass the tests and my module with a distinction grade even though there was a possibilityI could not get a distinction due to my project presentations. However I managed to excel in the end and was also given best performance in it. Thank you so much, I am very grateful for your aid. Moreover, I want to thank God for answering St Joseph’s intercession because without it, I could never have gotten this distinction.

From Goh Ping Hui Audrey

I am and have always been a devotee to St. Joseph and I would like to share my experiences and the miracles that we have received through his intercession. When I was pregnant with my twin boys I was forced to be placed on bedrest as early as 24 weeks. It was a difficult pregnancy plagued with numerous visits to Labor and Delivery and false labor. Never a day passed that I said a prayer and novena to St. Joseph among many other saints to request that I do not deliver prematurely. Twin pregnancies and higher-order pregnancies (triplets, quads, etc) are high-risk pregnancies with complications pretty much part of the whole pregnancy equation. So when I was placed on bedrest I knew my chances to getting to at least 36 weeks (considered as the safe zone for most pregnancies) was close to nil. But I held steadfast to my faith and kept praying and hoping. My 36th week of pregnancy fell exactly on March 19, St. Joseph’s feast day. I thought I was going to give birth that day. However, I asked him to give me “one more week” just to get me 37 weeks. One week after, I gave birth to my beautiful boys just as I asked him and Mama Mary. They were perfect and beautiful and never did they spend a day at the NICU, which was my other wish. My husband and I named them Jose Maria Eduardo and Jose Maria Lorenzo in honor of Joseph and Mary.

Fast forward one year later…We were looking into moving to bigger home so that our boys will have more room to play and roam around. However that was 2008, and we were stuck in the real estate bubble as most people were. With the help of my parents, we found the perfect place, but we don’t know how to sell our old home since we would definitely sell very low although not at a loss. So a financial adviser friend of mine suggested having our home rented out and earning a few more bucks out of it. Again I turned to St. Joe and one week after we buried him in front of our home and prayed to him, we had our first tenant.

Fast forward again 10 months later…We received news that our tenants needed to leave our rental home due to unfortunate circumstances. I quickly turned to St. Joe for help but after some time of trying to rent it out we could not even find any good tenants out there. We were even scammed on two occasions! After some time, my husband and I talked and we felt that St. Joe was telling us something else. You know, my prayer always ends with…”in God’s time, and within God’s will.” We thought maybe it’s time to sell. And true enough, we sold the house in one month in this tough market. We listed our home December 20, 2009, received an offer January 4 2010, got the final addendum January 15 and closed our loan, January 22.

Everything boils down to faith. I always believe that God has plans for us and with the help of the intercession of St. Joseph, Mama Mary and the saints it will all work out just as He planned. Thanks for letting me share my story and hopefully this will inspire a lot of people to PRAY and BELIEVE.

From Marie Bunag

Last October I had been informed that my Job would be ending my January 8th 2010. I prayed not to be jobless and left it to God to work it out for me.
I started the Novena early December asking St. Joseph to intercede for me for a job or a business. To cut the long story short, about one week after the Novena, I got a job. Thank you.

From Nancy

After a misunderstanding with a friend of mine, whom I shall disclose as Az due to confidentiality reasons, the friendship between me and him has deteoriated quite badly, so much so that we sometimes ignored each other. If my guts were right, I guessed he could have insulted me as well. I turned to Saint Joseph for help, asking him to intercede to Jesus as well as to God to let Az stop badmouthing me if he was, forget about the misunderstanding and to forgive me, if i had upset him in any way, and as well as to want to be friends with me again. Soon after seeking St Joseph’s intercession to Jesus and God, things began to look up for us. Slowly, he started to talk to me again and just today, we saw each other after class and he smiled at me. Also, we talked to each other much more than we ever had (since the misunderstnding). Therefore, I want to thank St Joseph for interceding to Jesus and God. Also, I want to thank Jesus and God personally, for hearing and answering my petitions through St Joseph. Thank You! Hallelujah~ 😀

There are other things which i also want to thank Jesus, God and St Joseph for his intercession:

– The improvement in the relationship which I share with 3 of my other friends as well as the providence of the opportunities to strengthen our bonds.

From Audrey G.

Just had to tell you this story about our recent home sale. We’ve had our house on the market in Georgia since January, and have dropped the price several times. We buried St. Joseph in the ground when we first put the sign up, and I said the novena, but no offers. Then this summer we moved out, repainted, and dropped the price again. Still no offers. Several weeks ago, while unpacking a box, I found my St. Joseph prayer printouts, and decided to say the novena again. I said the prayers that night. The next day, we got a call–we had an offer on the house. We negotiated for a couple of days, and boom, we had a contract. The sale closed today. I am sure that was no coincidence. THANK YOU ST. JOSEPH!!!! We are so very grateful to have sold our house in this market in under a year.

From Ashley B.

We would like to say that we’ve just sold our home and we’ve been praying to St. Joseph since the home went on the market. We are closing on our home today, the 26th of Oct, 2009 and we will never forget his powerful intercession for us to the Lord Jesus for helping in the sale of our home.

From Mike and Margaret

I just wanted to let you know that both times I requested prayers from your site they were answered in no time at all. I had other organizations,friends,and people praying for me and my requests before this, but I would like to think that your prayer warriors and St. Joseph as the ones who really sped up the process of getting them answered so quickly along with everyone else’s prayers. When I prayed for my mom to get a job..she got one in an amazing way(and it looked hopeless at least on the surface but I had faith that she would get one)..and one for more money..again a trail of little miracles that helped out. I never thanked the prayers warriors,you or St. Joseph for the divine intercessions that took place. Thank you for spreading St. Joseph’s message as well as one of faith!

From Lisa

I used the St. Joseph’s Prayer to sell my home last November and within 9 days of burying the statue I sold my home.

The statue now sits on my shelf in a place where I pass by it everyday and give thanks.

I also used the prayer to help my husband find a job. I wrote out “the perfect job description” and again I received
a miraculous responce. It was a miracle because the job fits the exact description that I had written down and prayed for.
But I did not bury St. Joseph this time….I couldn’t do that to him again. I just thanked him for what he had done already and
asked for help once more.

I have given this prayer to my sister to use to find a life-partner…..I hope that it will work for her too.

Thank you.

From Abby

I was in dire straits. Facing eviction. Haven’t worked in 2 years. I normally do novenas to St Anthony, but for the first time I tried St. Joseph. Boy, am I glad I did! Before the novena, I was sending out resumes and no response. At all. Hundreds. Not even a call for an interview. Finally, I did the 9 day novena and 3 weeks later got a great, big job offer paying me more than my last job. As soon as I started the novena, I began getting calls, I also got the idea to change my resume, so I wasn’t just sitting around, I was revising and applying to jobs. But it was something I had continuously been doing. The novena started a title wave of responses. When the novena ended, I stayed detached, confident that the novena will follow through. I got the job offer today! The new job allows me to pay my rent, and apply to programs to cover my arrears that would not accept me without employment. I can keep my apt and take care of myself. Thank you St. Joseph. Thank you God.


I have been trying to sell my house for 2 1/2 months and a Catholic friend told me about burying a statue of St. Joseph in your yard upside down. I buried him about a week ago and said a prayer but felt I wanted to say more prayers. I found the St. Joseph novena on your webside and the instructions to have the statue facing the house. I rotated the statue to face the house and started saying the novena. I got an urging to go to Social Security the next day even though I am not ready to start drawing out and was told that I could start drawing my husband’s Social Security right away (I’m a widow) and it won’t take away from what I will receive from my SS account when I’m ready. PRAISE GOD!! THANK YOU ST JOSEPH!! I have been getting more showings the past couple days and now it doesn’t matter if I sell right away because I can afford the house!!

Mary Lou

I, hereby offer my hearfelt thanksgiving to St. Joseph for proving employment to my husband.

Following the economic meltdown my husband lost his job and we were going through a lot of financial and emotional turmoil. During this trying days, I came across the 30 days novena (holy cloak of St. Joseph) and immediately started my prayers and on the 29th day out of the blue my husband got an interview call from the least expected source and was also selected for the post. His papers are under process now and he should join the new firm very soon.

I have no words to express my heartfelt gratitude to St. Joseph and today I continue my prayers and place all my worries at his feet.


My daughter and her husband are in the process of selling their home. We have been praying for this to happen for a couple of months. Thank you for your devotion to St. Joseph and thank you St. Joseph.

From P. Hunger

Several years ago, my wife and I were starting our family and needed a larger house and purchased a larger house that needed work. Because the new house was not in great shape, we were able to handle the two mortgages for a time. As we spent money on the “new” house, this became more difficult. In the small community in which we live, real estate was not in high demand and houses commonly sit on the market for many months. Most houses sell during the summer months so families can move while the kids are between grades. We bought the “new” house in October and were content to have two houses for a few months while we remodeled, though we listed the house immediately. We received very little interest in the house over the next 6 months or so. By this time, we were getting close to summer and expected interest to pick up. It didn’t. Up through the middle of June (at least 8 months from the time it was listed) I doubt if we had 5 people even look at the house. I was beginning to get a bit nervous as I didn’t want to own two houses for another year. I began to say a novena to St. Joseph. Because it has been a few years my timing is a bit sketchy, but I think it was only a day or two after finishing the novena that we received a call from the Realtor that someone wanted to see the house (nobody had looked at the house for over a month before). They called back in about a week and wanted to look again. In less than a month from the time I finished the novena, we had a contract on the house!

Thank you St. Joseph!
W. Devoy

Thank you for your wonderful Web site. It has brought much comfort during our times of need. My family has been praying through the intercession of St. Joseph for many months for a job with the carpenters’ union for my husband. We started a 30-day novena on July 3rd. On August 4th, today, my husband received the call. Praise be Jesus! Thank you, St. Joseph, for your faithfulness. With every bill we pay off, we will be having cake and throwing a party in honor of St. Joseph.

God Bless!

The K Family

I wanted to thank you, St Joseph and Jesus for the answered prayer of our new home. We had lost our home due to my husband’s business failing 3 years ago. We had to file for bankruptcy and sell our house. We were devastated. We moved into a small ugly little apartment. We did our best to be happy there and clean and fix it up but it was not where we wanted to be. I started looking for homes two years ago but mortgage companies told us we would have to wait due to our bankruptcy. We kept looking and trying and finally found a good realtor and a townhouse that we loved and wanted to place a bid on. The sellers did not except our bid and were so upset that we offered them less than their asking price that they would not counter offer. A couple of weeks later we found a another house that we wanted to bid on. They accepted but a couple of days later said that they had another offer. We kept counter offering but they were adamant about going with the other offer. We were so disappointed but we kept looking. Within another month there was a 3rd house that we bid on. This one also turned down our offer. We offered them all that we could afford so we couldn’t even counter.

Just after that incident I found your site (just around April) I printed out your Novena to St Joseph and prayed it every day. Just around May we found another house we liked. It was beautiful and completely renovated. It was nicer than any of the other houses that we had been interested in. We immediately made an offer but were afraid to get too excited. There was another offer from other interested party and we had so many other disappointments with the other houses. The sellers decided to choose us because the other offer wanted to close sooner and the sellers felt like they needed time to find a new house. We were flexible because we were on a month to month lease.

Everything from the mortgage to the all of the details of the sale of the house just seem to fall into place. We were able to come up with the down payment and closing costs with some help from the sellers. The sale just worked out so easy and even issues that came up were quickly resolved. We settled on June 30 and we are thrilled and so thankful for our new house. We are still unpacking so there is still some stress over the amount of disorganization right now but we love our new home. It is more than we ever dreamed of and nicer than the home we lost and any of the other houses that we looked at or were interested in. I know without a doubt that this is answered prayer! I am so thankful!! I don’t feel like I deserve such kindness and love from God and his saints. I wish I was a better person. But despite being deserving, prayer works and God is kind and generous, loving and good!

Thank you Babes!
Thank you St Joseph!
Thank you God!!

From Tina Magonagle

About 8 or 9 years ago I was having a difficult time with my job I was paid well but being treated unfairly I was so miserable. I needed the job to support my children, I applied to a job and was interviewed and over a course of 4 years I was interviewed again and again but someone else was always chosen and I was put on a list or they had a job hire freeze So I was at my wits end with my job situation So I began to pray to St. Joseph and within a short time I received a call that if I was still interested in the job to reapply that day. I did, was interviewed and hired within a month. I thank St. Joseph for that. Because of the new job we needed to move to the city, butl did not have good enough credit for a house. Could not rent and needed to sell our current home. So again I prayed to St. Joseph and again within a short time we were led to a man with a special finance program and today we have a home of our own where we need to be in the city. Then recently we were having marriage problems and I prayed to St. Joseph that the other woman involved would move away so my husband and I could have a chance to strengthen our marriage. I Prayed and prayed and so far it is much better the other woman got another job and moved away. I still pray that we will continue to make our marriage better. I give thanks to St. Joseph for these wonderful things that I asked for over the last years. I am a believer and I know he listens.

From Marge

I just want to post my gratitude to St Joseph and to the Sacred Heart of Jesus for answering my prayer. I recited the nine-day novena of St Joseph and also the novena of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the hopes of finding a job. A job means so much to me now since I spent most of my year staying inside our apartment and caring for my baby brother. I received a surprise today, the ninth day of the novena. It was the job I was praying for. Tomorrow will be the confirmation whether I will really get the job or not. I’m trusting St Joseph on this one and praying to the Lord that He will just lead me to where He wants me to be. Thank you so much. Praise God.

From Nadyn

My marriage was at a low point — the lowest it has ever been. My spouse was talking about divorce, calling divorce lawyers. She doubted my fidelity. This happened on a Friday night. She kicked me out of the house; I could onlly return after she had gone to bed. For three days – Saturday, Sunday and Monday — I spent much time in prayer, and went to church everyday. It was on Monday morning afternoon, after there had been no improvement in my wife’s treatment towards me, that I found myself in front of a statue of the Blessed Family. I knelt down and prayed the Memorare to St. Joseph. I implored his help. I reminded him that he once thought his wife had been unfaithful. I reminded him that God sent an angel to him in a dream to let him know not to worry. I asked that he now do the same thing for me — somehow inform my wife that I was faithful, and that she needn’t worry.

A couple hours later, I went home. Just before opening the door, I said another silent prayer. I opened the door and my wife came out to hug me. She said she had called a friend that day to ask for her advice. I don’t know what the friend said; all I know is that my wife had reconsidered. It was exactly as I had prayed — my wife received advice from the outside that had helped ease her mind. Almost immediately upon my prayer to St. Joseph.

I told St. Joseph that I would let others know of his answered prayer, and that is what drew me to your website. Please help me spread the word about this. St. Joseph does intercede on our behalf, and my marriage is proof of that.

God bless you!

From Michael
Southern California

Thank you St. Joseph and thank you God, and all the Saints and Angels who answer prayers.

Six years ago my husband and I retired and built a home in a lovely community in Northern Ontario .

In November 2004 my husband was diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer and was given a year to live. He survived over three and a half years thanks to the grace of God but in the spring of 2008 we had decided to purchase a condo townhouse nearer to the Cancer Centre because he was having treatments weekly and I needed back surgery. I also needed to start a new medication for my Rheumatoid Arthritis which would be done by infusion. The three and a half hour drive each way each week for chemo was becoming a trial especially in the bad weather so we bought the condo firm thinking we had lots of time to sell our house up north.

With that we put the house up for sale and planted St. Joseph in the ground and began our novenas faithfully. In the meantime my husband’s cancer took a turn for the worst and he went to be with our Lord in June 2008. We took the house off the market for his last seven weeks because he wanted to be at home. Two weeks prior to his death he told me not to worry because the house would sell.

Since we had purchased the condo firm I was obligated to follow through on the purchase even though my husband died because that is now the law so in August of 2008 I moved to the condo. I was discouraged and couldn’t understand why the house up north wasn’t selling. I have such great faith in St. Joseph as he had interceded for us for other intentions and he always came through. I was becoming worried too as I was now in the dilemma of financing the upkeep of two homes.

Shortly after moving into the condo, I went to see my surgeon to book my back surgery. A miracle happened and I learned from the surgeon that the herniated disc went back into place and surgery was no longer needed. I couldn’t believe my ears! This was an amazing blessing and relief. Our Lord and Our Lady are wonderful!

All winter long the house up North did not sell and I was in a terrible state. I was mourning for my husband, becoming financially distressed and really missing my life up North.

This Easter 2009 I decided to go up north for a week. As I drove through the town I realized that this had become my home and by the second day (at Holy Thursday Mass) I decided I wanted to move back. Of significance too is that this mass was the first time I had not cried through mass since my husband had died. Our priest said that the reason was because I was home!

With that, when I returned to the condo I got it ready to put on the market. I took St. Joseph out of the ground up north and I placed him in the front garden of the condo and began my novenas. Within one week we had an offer but it was low and there were many conditions so it didn’t materialize. For the next two weeks we had lots of action on the house but no offers. The third week we had people come through twice. The forth week they made an offer at the price I wanted with only two conditions which were lifted a week later and the offer was firm. Thanks be to St. Joseph and Praise to our Lord!

I learned through this experience that the house that needed to sell was the condo, not the house up North and the reason the house up North didn’t sell was because this is where the Lord wants me to be. St. Joseph and the Lord knew what was right! My joke with my husband is that when he said not to worry and that the house would sell he just didn’t specify which house! Hahahahahaha!

The other blessing is that the medical infusions I need can be done at a hospital in a nearby town and I won’t have to travel the long distance every five weeks.

The Lord’s plan always works better than ours and with the help of St. Joseph everything went according to His plan. I think they call it “Letting Go and Letting God.” St. Joseph has certainly earned a special place in my home and in my heart.

From Mary-Lou

I have been worried about my 22 year old son who left college in May, not finishing the degree he started because he was depressed and could not figure out what he wanted to do. He started to hunt for jobs and had a couple interviews without success. He was ready to take any job, as a waiter, bartender, whatever, but I felt it would be a waste of the college work he had already completed. I prayed and prayed and was feeling quite discouraged.

Then on June 16th, I received your email with the St. Joseph “never-fail” novena. I started it and prayed it every day. Last week he had an interview for a job working with teenagers going through treatment for substance abuse. My prayer was that he get a “suitable” job. Today he got a call and was hired! I am so thankful to St. Joseph and to you for sending the prayer to me.

From Deb K

I promised public thanksgiving to St. Joseph, as well as St. Jude and The Sacred Heart of Jesus, if my prayers were answered, and they were.

I am saying the 30 day novena to St. Joseph and a week before the novena’s end, my prayers for my daughter in that she would pass a required college course she has taken this summer to lighten her workload in her last year of college were answered. It is a language course which she has struggled with and it looked like she was doomed to fail this course. But though my prayers for her and her hard work, and I found someone who tutored her a bit, she ended up with a B!! Now in September she can take the second part of this language requirement.

Thank you St. Joseph (and St. Jude and The Sacred Heart of Jesus), and I ask you to continue to listen to my many special needs, and I am so happy my mother gave me this prayer a few years ago. I also put money in my church’s poor box to show my thanksgiving, which I also promised.

From Susan

Thank you St Joseph and thank you God for answering my prayers. I was having problems with this woman about my husband and it went on for about 6 years off and on in court and I prayed for this to be removed from my life so that we could continue on with our marriage and it worked.

From Sonja C.

This is for all the skeptics out there who think placing St Joseph in the ground to help sell a house is hogwash. I am here, as a former skeptic, to say IT IS NOT HOGWASH ! There is a divine intervention at work in this ritual that exists> I have seen it.

My house here in Illinois was put on the market in March of 2009. With the recession taking hold and jobs being cut all over the area, I had all but given up hope of ever selling it. We had nothing but bad luck since Day 1. We started out with a terrible realtor who virtually did nothing to bring buyers in. After we fired him and hired someone else, the new realtor had open houses every weekend…and every open house it either rained or snowed. Within 6 weeks, we had 82 people come through without one offer!! Not even any interest being shown at all! The frustration was kicking in as we were under a time limit to move. I had heard about the St Joseph story and decided to try it. We buried a statue right by the For Sale sign, facing the house and everyday, I said my prayer to him asking for the speedy sale of this house. Within 1 week, we had a man come to our door and offer us cash for the house! Buyer 83 bought our house, thanks to St Joseph , prayers and faith. It was not coindence either. This man had been looking for a house to buy for 2 years and said for some reason he was “drawn” to this house.

I recommend trying this for yourself. If you are sincere and have faith, it WILL work.

Thank you St Joseph! You have earned a prominent place in our new home!

From Mary K

This morning, as I do every morning, I sat in my prayer room and prayed hard to St. Joseph because my family has been under lot of stress the past few months. My 23 year old son has severe bipolar and addiction problem since he was 17. He had been doing well until January – even completed

A drug and alcohol program. He has been looking forward to the graduation coming up June 5th like you would not believe. For the past three months his manic symptoms are getting worse – he is in one crisis after another, car accidents etc. but worst of all he threatens to cause harm or be destructive if you don’t give into him what he wants

That is why today I really prayed with all my heart to St. Joseph to help him to get a job – not for money, but so his mind and body are constructively engaged and he could help and do good to others – do god’s work. My younger son has been stressed by seeing his parents and brother’s struggles day in and day out. He too wanted very badly a summer weekend job and had applied for a UCLA research job and had not heard back from them, so I prayed the same for him.

Today both my sons told me that they were offered jobs where they had tried and applied several weeks ago. I am so thankful to St. Joseph that I want to share my gratitude. I believe in him so much and I am extremely grateful to St. Joseph – and I am not even Christian. I pray all the time for some help or miracle to cure my older son and I hope St. Joseph is hearing this prayer. Both my sons getting job offers the same day I prayed to St. Joseph is truly a miracle.

From Hasmita

Quite recently someone close to me was having a medical problem and the doctor advised that it was most likely cancer. A biopsy was done and the doctor removed all of the growths that he saw and sent them to be tested.

I prayed the 9 day Novena to St. Joseph and asked for the test results to be negative. Well the results came back positive – of course I was disappointed but later the doctor said the cancer was caught at an early stage and that he had been able to remove all the growths and now praise God, she is cancer free!

I want to thank St. Joseph for all he has done for me and my family. I continue to ask his help in so many areas of my life and I know he listens and is with me everyday.

From Michelle

I am writing to thank you and your prayer warriors for praying for me. A month ago, I prayed the 9 day novena to St. Joseph two times. I also prayed to St. Therese about my relationship or friendship with someone I was seeing for 10 months. I wanted to know whether he is “the one” for me and if not, I pray that my feelings for him would disappear. My second request was inspired by your story of finding your lifetime partner. I prayed to St. Joseph to find me a good husband/lifetime partner who is similar to my qualities. If I was a sweet and affectionate person, I prefered for him to be ten times more sweeter/more affectionate than me, etc. Well, a week or 2 weeks later, my friend and I broke up and he told me to find a normal bf since he is still going through a divorce and the drama that came with it was too complicated. I was heartbroken when he told me to find someone else, because I grew to love this person. His name is Joseph.

Well, I realized that I have been obsessing about having a good sweet loving bf and getting married since most of my friends are already married with kids. I’m graduating in 3 weeks so my special request from God and St. Joseph is to find me a good lifetime partner. A week later, I did meet someone special. I did not expect anything from our friendship except being my friend. I surrendered my desires to God and trust that there is someone out there for only me. Well, this new guy and I really hit it off. He also reminds me of my self in many ways. We love spending time together and he puts in a lot of time and effort to include me in his busy full schedule. We are so much a like and I do know that he is my answered prayer. I am thankful that my friend told me to find a normal bf – our breakup/separation was a blessing in disguise. Though I do not love him anymore, our friendship is still great and I met a great guy from St. Joseph. He made our relationship official last Sunday. I was not expecting it, but I am happy that he is my new bf. We are both lucky to have each other. If marriage is instore for us, I will let St. Joseph surprise me.

From Anne Ramos

January of 2009 I was laid off from my job in Oregon. With employment options in Oregon looking bleak, my wife and I sold almost everything, we packed and stored what remained and headed to Salt Lake City to live with my sister; we arrived March 1. Since February, I have been tracking over 350 city websites in 8 states, looking for jobs that I qualified for. I filled out in excess of 55 applications, I had 8 interviews (in Louisiana, Arkansas, Utah and Texas). Texas held the most hope, because it is so big it has lots of city websites, while I had some glimmers of hope, nothing. Meanwhile, my wife, living with my sister in Salt Lake City had an interview on 5/5/08, with a company that seemed pretty certain to hire her. What to do? I had no job, Utah wasn’t as rich with jobs as Texas was (at least not for me), do I have her turn this down (bird in hand) when it might be me (living with my daughter in Texas) having to count on her and her earning ability to live. Then suddenly, at 10AM my time the city of Houston airport (I had had an interview there last week) called and offered me a job. A job that is guaranteed 40hrs per week at over $2 an hour more than I was making in Oregon. I was able to call my wife and have her cancel the interview and start packing the car. I start the job in two weeks.

I was looking for a saint to help me find work, my research said St Joseph was my man, I logged on the website and said the 9 day novena. The job offer came 4 days after I finished the novena. As an aside note, the local church that I have been attending while staying with my daughter was St Joseph parish.

Thank you St Joseph

From Michael Wagoner

Thank you Blessed St Joseph…

For the sale of our home! We prayed the novena, then when answered…prayed that same amount of time in Thanksgiving. Now we want to publish our testimony to you!

Thank you AGAIN & Br. Andre, for your help when purchasing land that we wanted to build a new home.

Thank you SO very much! Also, thank you for the many lessons you taught us a long the way!

From Ben and Beth Johnson

Dear Saint Joseph, thank you for intercessing and aiding me. I have two thanksgiving today. The first is thank you for giving me confidence in school, about who i am and not be ashamed or feel inferior of myself and also for having a really fun time in school. Secondly, is that i want to thank you for another thing ; When school started i had made quite a number of friends and seemed to get along pretty well with the girls in my class, all except for one that is, who i dont wish to name here. However, let’s call her Cady instead for now. I dont know if it was my over sensitivity or if it was really all true, but Cady always seemed distant from me. Unlike to my friends in class, she did not really bother to talk to me though just very recently she came up to me asking for small help and things like that, though nothing more. I did not want to make an enemy out of her and also, i wanted to be friends so i prayed to St Joseph asking him to intercede for me to God to not let there be conflict or whatsoever between us and also to let us be friends. In the end, there was this vast improvement. Yes, she came up to me asking for help again but this time round it shows that she trust me and we ended up sitting together in class, chatting and playing a little too and the best part is she even asked me for my contact so she could keep in touch with me.

From Grace

Once again, St Joseph has helped me! Thank you St Joseph for letting me get my parcel very punctually. Thank you for the safe delivery and customs clearing and sending of the item to my home. It was my first time buying online and I was scared that my item would get lost or worse, I would get cheated by my seller. But in the end, everything is all fine and good.

From Audrey

My wife and I were informed earlier this year that we stood a less than 1%
chance of conceiving a child due to a hereditary deficiency. It was a fact
of life. The news was disheartening but our faith never weakened.
Afterwards at a men’s small group meeting, one of the men mentioned the
power of novenas. My favorite Saint is St. Joseph yet, I had never prayed a

My wife and I decided to pray our first novena to St. Joseph and ask for his
intercession to our Lord asking for another child in our life. We used the
novena prayer found on your website and commenced the prayers on March 10.
We prayed the novena prayer every night together as a couple for nine nights
asking St. Joseph to intercede on our behalf. We were praying to God to
bless our family with a child.

Today, just five days after finishing our novena to St. Joseph, we received
confirmation from the doctor that my wife is pregnant. God is great and
anything is possible through him. The power of the novena prayer is
amazing. I pray that all of the individuals involved with this website are
blessed and we thank you for sharing this ministry through the internet.

Carlos & Idy

Ever since I came across your website, I have been such a devotee of St. Joseph.  He is truly a wonderful intercessor and never fails to help! Thank you so much for an inspiring website that helps our spirituality grow.

St. Joseph has helped us trememdously. Thank you, St. Joseph.

1. A few months ago, we entrusted to St. Joseph the negotiation of a commercial space that we are renting. We were bound to a contract hat we had signed earlier but St. Joseph interceded for us and the landlord accepted our request for a re-negotiation which worked well for both of us. Thank you St. Joseph.

2. Last March 21, 2008, we buried a statue of St. Joseph in a a property that we wanted to sell. The property has been in the market for a while. We said our novenas, nonstop, and last September 11, 2008, we signed our deed of sale. Thank you St. Joseph.

3. After, the sale of the above property, we encountered some tax problems related to the  sale but again, we entrusted everything to St. Joseph. We were able to fix our tax concerns the legal way , clean and correct , with no strings attached. Truly, St. Joseph, has never failed me. Thank you St. Joseph.

From Becky

Thank you for a beautiful site.  My daughter and her husband were moving to another part of the country, and needed to sell their home and buy another one.  They lived in a part of the country where the average time to sell was 11 months.  I sent them I nice pewter statue of St. Joseph which they buried, and we all prayed the novena.  Their home sold in 4 weeks, and not only that, the buyers wanted a delayed closing, which allowed my daughter to finish her teaching contract without having to move temporarily into an apartment before they moved cross-country.  I continued the St. Joseph novena as they shopped for a new home, throughout the closing on the old home and the closing for the new home.  Although they lost money on their old home because of the stagnant market, they were able to buy a beautiful new home that was far better than the one they left.  We all believe that St. Joseph was watching out for them throughout this stressful period.  Several years ago, St. Joseph helped us to sell our mother’s house when her health made it necessary for her to move to a mobile home on my sister’s farm. A few years later, St. Joseph helped us sell that mobile home when she moved to a nursing home. Now, my brother is selling his home, and of course, we are praying to St. Joseph again.  Thank you for including the novena on your site.  The prayers for each day are so appropriate, and remind me each day that St. Joseph is not just about our immediate need (such as selling a home), but he is about our relationship with Our Lord, and our concern for each other on earth.  As I pray this novena for one person or another, I pray especially that we all will grow in our relationship with Christ.  May God bless your online ministry!

Mary in Indiana

I just wanted to write to offer my testimony on my St Joseph’s novena experience.

A few months ago, several friends of mine and I decided to pray this Novena in an effort to find the employment that God wanted for us. Each night at 10pm, we would all conference call each other and recite the prayer together.

Most everyone has either found jobs or have had sales in their own business pick up. My testimony is a bit different.  Within one week after the completion of the Novena, I received a huge promotion at work.  It was miraculous how this all worked out.  Today, I never stop thanking St Joseph for his intercession and constantly tell everyone the power of prayer and this Novena.  Plus, the great thing is that I now know that God wants me to “Bloom where I have been planted”.

Thank you St Joseph and may God Bless you all for this website

From Ricardo R.

I started a Novenna to St. Joseph on 6/22 & completed it on 6/30.  The
special intention was for my son to get a job.  He graduated college May
10. We returned from vacation on Sunday 7/6.  The next day Monday he found an e-mail about a job he may be interested in.  After a couple of weeks of
interviews he was offered a position & has accepted.  It seems to be
exactly the type of job he hoped to find.

Thanks be to God & thanks to St. Joseph for his intercession.

From Mike Larkin

I had been wanting to move to a safer neighborhood for a little while  now. I contacted a real estate agent and she listed my apartment for  rent.  Nothing happened, no appointments, no leads, no phone calls.  I  decided to take matters into my own hands and bought 2 little St.  Joseph statues.  I buried one in a plant outside of my condo and the  other I kept in my purse.  Within 24 hours, I had an interested party  and in just a couple of days, they were signing the lease agreement.   At that point, I had to find a place for ME!  I asked St. Joseph in  helping me find the right place at the right price.  I spent my entire
Sunday searching, and finally the last one was the best.  But it was $2,000 a month, something I couldn’t pay.  She called later and said  that she’ll leave it at $1650.  The next day, I saw the condo again,  and I got it for $1,600 a month.  It is right across the water and I  will be able to see the sun rise every day.  This morning, I thanked  St. Joseph and promised him that if I found a beautiful image of him,  I’d display it in a prominent place in my home.  Lo and behold, I  walked into a Jewish thrift shop right before lunch time to find some
vintage dresses.  As I was paying, I saw an image from behind, and  couldn’t tell who it was even though it was about 14 inches tall.  I  said in my mind, “If that’s a statue of St. Joseph, it’s mine.  It was meant for me and it’s right there waiting for me.” And indeed it was St. Joseph, who will now live in a beautiful condo by the water on a beautiful street!!!!  Thank you, Saint Joseph, thank you. My friends, it’s all about FAITH.  >)))):>

From Anna-Moreno-Nava

Thank you St. Joseph”, for your intercession with Jesus, our Lord!  St. Joseph you worked so quickly to find my Mom a cheap, very nice, elder apartment! (She was on a 6 month to 1 yr. waiting list)!   I can’t thank you enough!  This is also a family healing of all the pressure we were feeling because Mom did not want to live here anymore and we were going to have to pay for it!  I love you St. Joseph!!!

From Terrie

Things were looking pretty hopeless for us…we had been paying two mortgages for nearly a year and a half and we were out of money.  Fixing up the house to put it up for sale was a long, hard process since we had so much money going out each month as it was.  We finally did it and the house was put up for sale.  I made sure to bury St. Joseph by the for sale sign just as the directions said.  I faithfully said the prayer on the back of the prayer card plus two novenas each day and sure enough, 4 days after we put the house up for sale, we had an offer.  The buyers were very honest people.  It was such an easy transaction.  I also want to add that the close of escrow occured only 6 days before the mortgage company was going to start foreclosure proceedings.  There are at least 10 other houses for sale in that neighborhood and they are ALL  short sales.  Not only did St. Joseph find us honest buyers and saved the house from foreclosure, but he also got our entire loan paid off in full and there was even a bit of money left over!  The power of prayer is so wonderful!  St. Joseph not only has a special place in our home, but also in our hearts!  I will be forever grateful!

From “Katenbranz Mom”

I thank you for your online resource to me.  As I placed my home on the market 4 weeks ago, I worried in this tough economy if we would sell and even if so, get a decent offer on our house.  I prayed your prayer to St. Joseph every morning asking for a solid offer on our house.  I know that things don’t happen in my time, but in God’s time.  And it is so hard for me to be patient.  My husband has been working out of town since the first of February and it was time to join the family back together.  We received one offer but is was for $80,000 less than we had the house listed for.  One week later we had 2 showings of our house by the same Canadian couple.  My husband and I left for a weekend trip to Las Vegas and when the plane landed and I turned my cell phone back on my agent called that we had a solid offer on our house by the couple that had come through 2 times.  And, we only gave up a 3% discount on our asking price.  It is such a blessing that I have tears of joy almost daily since that call has come in.  I thank God and St. Joseph every day for my blessings.  The next step is the house inspection tomorrow and I pray that it goes well in our favor.  Our closing date is July 3, 2008 and we are excited for that day to arrive that we can all be together as a family once gain on a daily basis.  God bless you for your service you provide.

From Libby Nolan

My grandfather long ago went to school with Brother Andre and my grandfather firmly believed in St. Joseph.  The two men played hockey as youngsters and when Brother Andre became a priest, my grandfather visited with him often and would talk about their trust in St. Joseph.  I put my house up for sale and through the ordeal I went through, the house sold and when I went out into the front of the house to dig the statue of St. Joseph up, I found him right away, because when I went to dig him up previously when the two deals fell through, I could not find St. Joseph in the garden.  I know that he was there for me and now I thank him in my prayers and he will have a place of honor in my new home.  Thank you St. Joseph for helping me through all the trials I went thorough to sell this house.  It was not easy, but I know that you where there all the time for me.  Thank you.

From Clarise

NOTE: Brother Andre was not ordained as a priest. He took his vows as a Brother of the Congregation of the Holy Cross.

I have been praying to St. Joseph for my son to get a job that he really wants. He phoned this company and a lady forwarded his resume. The next day he got a call for an interview. This job is a new position to the company, so it has been created just for him. He is so happy and is looking forward to his new career. So keep up your faith and keep praying to St. Joseph , he will give you the guidance. I have been inspired by this. Peace be with you.

From Brown

I am MARIA PAZ MENDEZ HERRERO and I am from the Philippines. By chance I got to your website and I am NOT sorry. So happy to know that you are a great devotee of St. Joseph as I am. I studied in a catholic school-all girls-MARYKNOLL COLLEGE, as it was known before. Now it is MIRRIAM COLLEGE and no more nuns.

Today, April 9,I got a big surprise from St. Joseph. I did not have any
money to buy food for the next day, no rice and no more cooking gas. I was so depressed and down. My cook and I were trying to find ways and means to have some food for the rest of my staff and husband. As I do not like anything spicy, so I had to eat bacon, the only thing left, which she found in the freezer and I did not want it,too, because of the fat. But I gave-in because I would have eaten only rice. I even told my cook, ok lang, because anyway my stomach is upset. All of a sudden, the doorbell rings and the caregiver of my husband tells me there is a man looking for me from Union Bank. And I even said, Union Bank? I do not know anyone from that bank. So, I went out and he really was from Union Bank, a messenger. I asked what it was all about and he tells me, you have money from the States. My daughters send me money monthly. I just could not believe it. Especially, it was on a Wednesday, which is in honor of St. Joseph. But before going out to talk to the messenger, the cook says, maybe money for you. I was more shocked because the money arrives every 15th or 16th of each month and now it came on the 9th of the month. After getting the money, I went to the room and told my husband, Subas Herrero, and I cried like a baby.  With all my heart, I really cried. St. Joseph really listens and answers. GOD IS REALLY GOOD!

Even my cook and caregiver could not believe it. I wanted to share this story. The money came just in the nik of time. After awhile, we heard the doorbell again, and it was again another messenger from the bank. More money from my 4 daughters. I was totally speechless.

I had to share this with you because from a stressful event to a happy one.
Thank you St. Joseph! I prayed to St. Pio and The Divine Mercy, too.
More power and God bless you and your family. May your website reach to all corners of the world to give glory to ST. JOSEPH, THE FORGOTTEN SAINT.

Thank you for your wonderful website.  After visiting it and praying two novenas to St. Joseph asking for his intercession, my adult son received great miracles from Jesus.  He was employed, living with me, and quite depressed.  His house in California had been for sale for about 9 months with not even one inquiry. He doesn’t actively practice his faith, but he does believe. He prayed the novenas with me.  The same month he met a lovely young woman and they are in a happy relationship. Two months later he found a job.  Three months later, in February 2008, during the worst period of the housing crisis, he sold his house at $5000 over his discounted asking price.  He’d had to lower the market value price by 25% due to market conditions.  We are so amazed at the changes in his life and in his health.  Within 3 weeks of closing he had found the house of his dreams and despite having taken work at 1/2 of his former salary, he qualified for the mortgage and has since bought the home and moved in.  The house was valued at more than $100,000 than he paid for it, which is the same amount he had lost on the the sale of his previous home.  Thank you St. Joseph, for your awesome intercession with Jesus, our Lord.  Thank you God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, for these and countless other blessings and favors granted.  May all who invoke St. Joseph have all their prayers answers, according to God’s will.

From TLE

I remember stumbling along the 9 day novena to St. Joseph when I was a going through a prayer book trying to figure out how to say rosary – my parents weren’t practicing Catholics at the time and I was yearning for that spirituality side I’d seen my friends share with their families. I was 12 years old at the time.

I remember reading it and I thinking how interesting – I prayed it everyday, more than the 9 days just to make sure he heard my prayers for my life to change.  At 12 years old I prayed for a lot of things and I can remember praying to St. Joseph to get the father of a bully transferred to another army post because she was constantly beating up people (boys and girls alike) a short 6 months later she was gone.  I thanked him but never really gave it a second thought.

Then about 10 years later when I married my husband I was having GREAT difficulties in marriage; dealing with a very hostile ex-wife and coping with becoming a “step mom” to my husband’s 2 year old son.  Our son was wonderful, the sweetest little boy you could ever meet.  He won my heart with his toothy smile and big brown eyes.  My relationship blossomed with the boy and I grew so attached to him that I even befriended his mother and had a pretty decent relationship with her because I kept the boy for her whenever she wanted to go out.  Our time together was becoming more and more frequent; starting on Thursdays afternoons to Sunday evening every week until he started school.

Once he started school and I had my first child our relationship changed.  He became more distant and once he turned 10 we rarely saw him.  We went over two years not seeing because he was “too busy”; it hurt so bad.  This burden weighed heavily on me and I started praying this novena again through the next few years.  Praying that my oldest son would come “home” to us for good.  Well, it took almost 5 years but with St. Joseph’s intercession God answered my prayers and he came to live with us.  He was 15 by then.

Now 7 years later a close friend of mine is married to a man that fathered children with the my husband’s ex-wife (what a small world); and my friend is struggling with the same challenges I faced those many years ago.  I was compelled to share this novena with her in hopes that she finds her strength and faith to keep her marriage together; and to pray for whats right and accept God’s will.

I thanked St. Joseph, but never really did anything special for him – so when my friend wrote to me about her difficulties I knew I had share the prayer with her so I went online in search of the story of St Joseph and found the St Joseph site.  Thank you for keeping this site up and up to date so that others may learn and share about the life and works of St. Joseph.

From Annette

Here is a little testimony for those who think St Joseph doesn’t go into details: Mid July last year I said my 9 day novena to St Joseph for a house to rent.  I did not have much time as I needed to move out by the end of July. I asked St Joseph to help me find an alternative house by the 1st of Aug, I particulary prayed that it be a well maintained and in a quiet area. Thanks to St Joseph, on the 31st of July I got a house and moved in on the 1st of Aug, and as requested the house is as neat and in a very quiet area.  On Christmas day, I started another novena praying for someone to share the house with. I prayed that I found someone by the 3rd of Jan 08, and on the 2nd of Jan, 8 days into the novena I got someone to share it with. On both occassions I was answered before I even fiinished the novena.THANK YOU ST JOSEPH!

From Tariro Glen Karota

I prayed to St. Joseph to help me with repairing a house without any problems both financially and from anyone stopping us since it was a family house. We have successfully done this now. Praise God.

From Nerissa A. Jan

Join me in giving thanks to St. Joseph for the positive outcome of David’s court case which we entrusted to the intervention of St. Joseph, his patron saint.  David has wandered from the Church but is making great strides in returning to the belief in the faithfulness of God.  I, his mother, have prayed to St. Joseph for him for years and I am seeing some changes in him. Join me in giving thanks to St. Joseph for the positive outcome of David’s court.

From Mary Hayes

I buried the St. Joseph statue on the day I went to my mother’s house to make the final inspection and payment for the completion of repairs done to the house, which happened to be December 8, 2006 (the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary). Because of the frozen ground, I buried the statue near the house in the landscape bed. The realtor had an open house on Sunday, December 10. Well, I would like to say that the house was sold, but it wasn’t. In fact, even with two open houses scheduled per month, the house sat through the winter. Come spring, I moved the St. Joseph statue next to the realtor sign as is suggested in the literature. Was St. Joseph and the burying of the statue going to help me get this house sold or not? It did not appear to be working, as you read in many testimonials of quick sales. However, on July 20, 2007, I received 2 offers on the house! The closing day of the sale was on August 15, the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary! So, yes, it took a little over 7 months to get an offer and 8 months for the sale to be finalized, but the question is, did St. Joseph aid in the sale of this house? Well, look at the current housing market where houses are lingering on the market for over a year or two! Yes, the burying of the statue did help! I am so thankful for this heavenly intercession!

From Cindy Blumenau


My mother passed away 2/26 and then my father on 6/2.  We have been trying to sell their house since June.  We had a buyer and he backed out.  We had another buyer and on the day of closing he had a problem with his lender so my brother gave him more time.  This happened again.

I started one of the Novenas from you web page on Monday of this week.  My brother informed us we were set to close Friday at 4PM .  I continued the novena all week and on Tuesday found the other novena for those selling a house.  So I got 5 days into the first one, 4 days into the other novena for sale of a house (5+4=9).

This same buyer that had all the problems got it all straightened out and my brother did close the house yesterday at 4PM .  This is a huge relief to my brother who has had all the responsibilities of being an Executor at the same time as he grieves the loss of both parents in 5 months.  This is also a huge relief to the 9 bothers and sisters.  I think most of us can use this gift from our parents to give all our families some financial breathing room.

After many days and weeks of fearful waiting, I turned to the St Joseph Novena and my prayers were answered.

Thanks you for your web page.

From Buckley

Dear St. Joseph:

Thank you very much for blessing my daughter with a very good job.
Thank you for taking care of all our spiritual and temporal needs.

From Laura

Good Morning!  My husband and I have been trying to sell our house since end of November.  We were supposed to close on the house with a couple, but because the closing had to be postponed several times due to funding, we had to finally put the house back on the market… I prayed really hard that we sell it right away as we are in such financial bind as we cannot afford to pay it along with the rental of our new home.  2 days after it was put on the market, we got a new offer and got into a contract right away.  Exactly nine days ago, I was on your site looking for guidance and help to make sure that everything goes well and that we close before the end of March.  I found the 9 day Novena to Saint Joseph .  Today, I am happy to say that we are scheduled to close on the house.  Thank you so much Saint Joseph !!

From Jasmin Nelson

When I began reciting the novena you have e-mailed to me. It really never fails those who believe in his intercession. Just this week, He really answered me and He’s really right there for us. It was a nice feeling that my wife started to believe in his closeness to Jesus. On monday, I was no money to meet the needs of my children or family. I have nothing to buy their milk. But when I came home from my work, my wife told me that the wife of my cousin texted her that when I arrive, I shall go to them. After my wife told me that, I ask her whether there is an occasion or birthday something. My wife has no inkling. So I went. When I arrived to their house, they asked me how much they should pay for, for the money they borrowed from me. I just let them pay what my heart desired to be paid for. So after that, i was dumbstruck by the way God provided me ways or means to sustain the needs of my family thru his intercession. It led me to ponder the miracle he made thru his powerful intercession. Not only that situation where I really experienced his attentiveness and thoughtfulness, more importantly for our daily needs. I am overflowing with his love and blessings. Long live devotion to st. joseph

From Russell

St. Joseph, thank you for your intecession on my behalf!!!

We had given up hope. Due to a job change, I had to relocate to another part of the country. Because we have several dogs, renting was not an option and we had to buy right away. Unfortunately, our old house just wasn’t selling (we had had it on the market for over 6 months and reduced the price twice). So I ordered a St. Joseph’s statue and asked some friends of ours to bury it for us. They were a little skeptical, but agreed. Well, on day 2 of the novena, we received an offer. It was a little low, so I made a counteroffer. On day 3, our counteroffer was accepted!!!

So, I am continuing the novena through to the end, thanking St. Joseph for my granted request instead of asking for it.  I think my 2 ‘skeptical’ friends have stopped making jokes and are pretty well convinced. I’ve always been more of a St. Anthony guy (as I tend to lose things like nobody’s business), but I welcome the blessings I have received from God because St. Joseph interceded for me. With St. Joseph and St. Anthony looking out for me (and of course Mary herself), my life is definitely going well. And most of all, thank you Lord Jesus, through whom all of the Father’s blessings come to me. And thank you heavenly Father, for all you do for me each and every day.

From T. Harris

I am an actress, and whenever I am looking for work, I pray to st. joseph. He always comes through for me. Thanks St Joseph!

From Stefanie Nava

My name is Kathy Conley.  I have been praying to St. Joseph for many years, to sell 3 homes, and to repair my family after a horrible divorce. He has always come through for me and helped all of us.  Recently, I have been praying to God through St. Joseph again for mental health for one of my sons.  I am SO GRATEFUL for his wonderful intercession to help my child.  He ended up in the hospital due to bipolar disorder, and the hospital he was taken to was St. Joseph!!!!!!  And for the first time in 8 years, the medications he was given have finally helped him!!! I consider this a miracle,and will be forever grateful to St. Joseph and Jesus.  THANK YOU , THANK YOU, THANK YOU.  I promised public thanks if he would help my son, and I want to tell everyone who will listen that St. Joseph did hear my prayers and God granted my son help!!!! I will always be grateful and encourage devotion to St. Joseph—-he helped restore my son and my family!!!!!!!

From Kathy Conley

My name is Maria Gonzalez.  We were in need of selling our home.  The city we live in is a very depressed area.  Houses are just not selling at all and very few and far between.

I have been praying to St. Joseph , and after having our home up for 30 days, we have sold our home.  It is amazing because there are houses on our street that have been on the market longer and have not sold their home.

I know it was through the intercession of St. Joseph that our home sold.  So thank you, St. Joseph , for your intercession!  Amen.

From Maria Gonzalez

I am writing to say “thank you” to St. Joseph for prayers answered…I was about to undergo surgery/general anesthesia for the first time and was quite uneasy about it. I prayed a novena to St. Joseph asking for his intercession of a good outcome and I am happy to say that I came out of the surgery safe and sound! Thank you, St. Joseph for graces received!

From Dana Udovich

I prayed to St. Joseph for my husband.  We adopted a little girl 7 years ago,.  My husband has renal cell cancer.  He already has had a kidney an a lung lobe removed.  He recently received a CT scan that shows suspicious nodule in his other lung,  That was a month ago.  Today we received news that there is no growth – that is good news.  I thank St. Joseph for his intercession and ask him to continue to heal my husband so we can finish rainsing our now 10 year old daughter.  She needs her foster father as our Lord needed St.Joseph.

From Mrs. S. Montoya

I would like to thank St. Joseph for the following story:

I graduated college and moved from Michigan to Nevada to be near my girlfriend.  After living here for three weeks with no sign of a job and my money running dry, I decided to say the short novena to St. Joseph on this website.  During the middle of the novena, I began to get phone calls for interviews.  As the novena came to an end, I received two offers, one for a job I did not really care for and the other for a position which I had actually applied for before making the decision to leave Michigan.  The novena has been finished for nearly a week now, and I am still getting calls for interviews left and right.  The job I did not care for withdrew their offer, due to some problem with my background.  This made me panic.  I did not know why there would be a problem, I am a decent person with a solid foundation; it made me worry about the job I wanted.  Two days after that withdrawal, the job I wanted made me an offer!  Somehow, whatever it was that caused the withdrawal in my background for the one company did not phase my coveted offer.

I now begin working for this new company, my first career-type job out of college.  I know that St. Joseph helped me with this, not only in getting me interviews and job offers, but also in helping make the decision clear of which job I should take.  Thank you St. Joseph, you truly are a Godsend!

From Brian Schoenborn (Las Vegas, NV)

I just want to witness to the fact that my prayers to St. Joseph were answered. We had purchased our retirement home before selling our current home and it put us in a slight bind. After a couple of weeks of novena prayers to St. Joseph we now have a contract!

Thank you St. Joseph!

From Rita Nelson

I am writing this testimonial as a demonstration of my faith and gratitude in the intercession of Blessed St. Joseph. A little over 1 month ago my greatest fear materialized before my very eyes. I am a single believer and had been praying for a long time to meet a spiritually centered, kind, loyal and family oriented partner. This happened and just as I had prayed for, he embodied all those lovable characteristics and more. Suddenly, in the twinkling of an eye, he called me one day to say that he thought he was ready for a committment and instead found he was not. He said that it had nothing to do with me. I was very devastated and and felt in my heart that this was an unnatural occurrence and that the spirit of fear was at work. We know that fear is not of God. Around that time I discovered your website and the 30 day Novena and prayer for someone in need of counsel. I have been praying that prayer faithfully for the past 25 days and I call his name whenever I do. In my last conversation with him, I could sense the workings of St Joseph in his life. He now admits that he has a fear of committment, having been divorced once and, that he needs to stop questioning what is before him and just listen to God. This reminds me of the uncertainties St Joseph had to overcome and I know that he has been counselling us both as I prayed. God does hear and answer prayer and St. Joseph is always willing to plead on our behalf. Thank You St. Joseph because I know we will be reconciled one day soon.

From Alietha Celestina

I had to quit my teaching job in New Mexico last February as my husband got transfered.  He works for the Government.   I was unable to find a job and with out me working we could not afford a house.  I started a Novena to St. Joseph several times and kept breaking it.  For six months, things went this way.  Me with no job, starting then breaking my novena, and nothing happening.  Then at the end of July I was getting paniky and knowing most schools would have hired by now began to get depressed.  I finally made up my mind to start and not break another novena.  I finished my novena and two days later a job posting appeared on a local school web site.  I applied but did not hear back.  I called and talked to the principal.  I had not made the cut.  Five minutes later she called back and asked me to come in any way.  The next day she hired me.  I also recieved another job offer from a job I had applied for a couple of months prior. Last week we made an offer on a house and it was accepted.  We will close on Sept. 12.  Thank you St. Joseph.  You knew my family needed your intervention and you came to our aid as you always do.

From Juanita Snyder

I just wanted to write to you about St Joseph.  Our house had been on the market for 4 months and had not been selling.  We buried St Joseph and prayed the novena to him.  We just received a contract on our house and we have St Joseph to thank.  We will always be thankful to St Joseph.  Thank you for keeping us in your prayers.

From Betty Dias Burns

I prayed to St. Joseph to help in the sale of my home and I sold it in 3 months at the price I needed to.  My realtor kept on telling me how I must be blessed because she could not even getting showings on some of the other houses for sale in the neighborhood.

From Amada

This email is just to let you know that St.Joseph has already performed one Miracle in my Life…the miracle of finding this wonderful site when I am at my very lowest point… I now pray to Him, putting everything in His loving hands, trusting that my prayers will be answered… Thank you Babes for a truly wonderful Site And GOD BLESS YOU !

From Ania Radetzky

I prayed the St. Joseph protection prayer when a plane I was in landed in Chicago and immediately took off into the air after a bumpy land.  i was afraid a tire had blown or something wrong with the engine.  i prayed till the plane safely landed again and i know St. Joseph was there with me.  Ive memorized this prayer: (click here for the prayer).

Mary Tarr

I, too, was in a difficult situation and needing assistance from St. Joseph to sell my house in a timely manner.  My mother suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, which is making it difficult for me to work full time (and pay my bills!)  We decided to remedy this situation by moving in with my mother to care for her.  We have only been living in our current home for two short years, which didn’t allow for much appreciation in selling price—not to mention the fact that the housing market has dropped dramatically!  Yes, we were going to need an intercession to sell this house in a timely manner!

Well, through the intercession of dear St. Joseph, we were guided to the most caring and creative realtor in the business, who, through her expertise, motivation and perseverance SOLD our home in 18 days!  Thank you, St. Joseph, for your guidance along the way!  Bless our wonderful realtor in her future endeavors, ensure her continued success, and keep her in your prayers!

By the way…to add to my awe and amazement at the power of prayer and intercession, my house sold on the 9th day of the month.  It was 18 days after I completed my novena to St. Joseph.  My lucky number combination is 8-9-1.  It is a number that has appeared over and over in the course of my lifetime, and it has always brought me happiness.  Thank you St. Joseph for adding that extra “treat” to my outcome!

Miracle Mom

I prayed the the 30 day Novena of St Joseph starting April 1 to 30, 2006 for his powerful interssion to His son Our Lord Jesus Christ, that my wife will pass the US NCLEX-RN exams. On May 17, 2006, my wife took the exams and she passed it. I am grateful to St Joseph because I had trusted Him and deep in my heart I believed that He will surely intercede for our prayers. I have strong faith in Him the reason why I keep on praying for His intercession to our prayers.


Alex Maranon

Last year my nephew was taking drugs and going into bad neighborhoods to buy them.  I prayed to St. Joseph to get him the help he needed.  The picture of St. Joseph I have on my novena pamphlet looks just like my brother (my nephew’s Dad).  Last July my nephew went into rehab and came out the Saturday after Thanksgiving.   He has been off of drugs since and now has a job.  I know St. Joseph helped him get the help he needed.  Thank you St. Joseph .

MLL from Cincinnati, OH

Hi. My name is Rochelle and last month I prayed a novena for a couple of things but the main one that stood out was probably for a very special lady I call “Granny”. She was going back and forth to the doctor because of congestive heart failure and damaged kidneys. One night she was rushed to the emergency room and they ended up keeping her for a week. She was turning 72 in a week. I prayed the novena that she would be completely healed and that she would not have to have surgery. Well, my God sister called me in a shocking tone to tell me that when the doctors went to look at her heart and kidneys, they found nothing wrong. Praise God! I started laughing and crying and just said ” I know. I’m not surprised.” I had the faith that this would happen. And to top it off, they sent her home a day before her birthday. I’m so grateful that I found this website and pray that those who are in need of a miracle, pray the novena. Thank God for Saint Joseph.

Rochelle Walker

I went to this site 9 days ago today to pray for our house which had been on the market for 6 months.  We’d had over 100 showings and not one offer.  We were desperate for the sale with 2 mortgages and not much income with the starting of a new business.  I found such comfort in the prayers and novena to St. Joseph. Exactly 9 days from the start of my prayers, our home sold.  St. Joseph will always hold a special place in my heart.

Dianne Patota

I found the St. Joseph’s web site.  My daughter along with the rest of the family were very very upset due to the fact that my daughter who just bought a house three years ago was being forced to move.  My daughter has a neighbor who is not well and does awful things to my daughter’s property. I started the nine day novena and buried a statue of St. Joseph.  On the ninth day a buyer came through and bought  my daughter’s home. Thank you, St. Joseph and thank you for having the web site for St. Joseph.

Patricia Buckley

Living in a foreign country I was looking for a tenant to my property in my home country for rental for four years in total vain. Finally on putting the statute of St.Joseph high on the entrance door, which I had incidentally got as a part of the Joseph’s Devotion kit from www.stjosephsite.com , I got a tenant miraculosly.

Thank You St.Joseph, guardian of the Holy Family and the Universal Church.


Thank you to St.Joseph for answering my prayers as of latest, when we had put the St. Joseph’s statute contained in the St. Joseph’s Devotion Kit, on the family altar.

Instance No 1 : Few months ago, this year I got a job, after a year of joblessness, even after regular prayers as soon as I had placed the St.Joseph’s statue which came along with the St. Joseph’s Devotion Kit, which I had purchased from www.stjosephsite.com, on the family altar .

Instance No 2 : My very old and very sickly parents, who are living alone for many years had wanted for many years, that one of their children to move to the city where they are living. Recently, self living in another country ‘000 of Kms away organized for a St. Joseph’s to be sent to them, which my parents duly placed high on the family altar. Soon, we heard of the good news of job transfer for my sister’s family who had in fact for many years had been seeking for a job transfer to the city my parents had been living.

Once again, thanks to Glorious St.Joseph, for his intercession.

A. R. Vincent

It’s incredible.  My wife and I found a house that we loved, placed an offer and it was accepted.  However, we needed to sell our house in order to buy the new one and the sellers would not accept a contingency.  So, we went under contract without the contingency with the hope of selling our home quickly.  I said the nine day novena to St. Joseph, buried his statue in our front yard and amazing enough, our house sold in seven days.  Upon moving, I removed the statue from the lawn and placed him on our window sill in the new home.  It was an absolute miracle and I am convinced that St. Joseph was the reason.

Ron Campione

Just a short note to thank you all for your prayers…..after 6 long months of prayer, masses and fasting, my daughter Melissa has moved back home and is well again……God Bless you all for your caring.

Kevin Gray

I prayed the 9 day novena and my prayer was answered. Thank you St. Joseph.


My family and I were force to move out of our home which my grandmother had own for 22 years. The city had given her some money for her to move and buy a new home which she did and we were left with some money but not enough to buy a house. My mother then prayed to St. Joseph for us to find a small house or even a condo were we could live and afford the payments. Well, just like I have read in so many Thankyou’s to St. Joseph, he came through and we are now the owners of a two bedroom condo which we can afford to pay. Thankyou so much St. Joseph may your blessings and love never go far from our family and everyone who loves you as much as you love us.

A.R Family

I have prayed the 9 day novena a number of times and it has not failed me. I said it to find a new job and also to help me through childbirth. My first birth was not a very good experience and I was frightened about the second one. I said the novena and I had my child without any pain relief. I could not believe the difference from my first time.

I have passed the novena on to family and friends. My sister passed it to a non catholic friend who said it and her prayers for answered. This is a very powerful novena.

Thank you St Joseph.

Anna Shiels

I have to share this with you.I have done two Novenas to our great saint, Saint Joseph.I asked for great Saint Joseph to help mw find employment as I have been out of job over 2 years. My First Novena completed on March 19 and on 8th day I got phone call to go in for job interview on Mar. 23rd.I was in total suprise and went for the interview but they had too many candidate and they were not sure if they want me.

I start my second Novena on April 23rd to complete on May 1st.I be Saint Joseeph to help me get employment and on 6th day of my Novena I got phone call from the company I went for interview in March that they like to talk to me again. I completed my Novena and today May 8th they decided to hire me. I am so greatful to Saint Joseph and I never stopped to pray to him every morning and went to church every week and prayed and beg him to forgiveness and help me in this difficult time.

I will always be greateful to Saint Joseph and never stop praying to him.


I would like to thank St. Joseph, through his intercession our condo is pending for inspection. I’ve prayed the novena everyday as our condo has been listed for almost 6 months and we’re paying two mortgages. Also, recently our vehicle was stolen which we just spent for brakes repair and maintenance. I felt everything seems to be against us. Until after 10 days of the stolen vehicle, the vehicle was recovered (good thing with no severe damage) with damage ignition. And that night, we received a call from our agent that there will be an offer. I’m very thankful for all our answered prayers. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Thanks St Joseph for helping me sell my place when I really needed to. Thanks for being there when I need you . Youn are the quiet treasure that all people can go to in their needs.

Paul Slavin

I think St. Joseph has been highly underrated as a powerful and benevolent saint. Since I have been praying to him, starting with the old home-seller request, he not only came through with that, but has provided me with a sense of peace and protection, as well. Some city workers were working on a water line near my yard, recently, when a high pressure water line blew 100 feet into the air. A young worker standing over the pipe narrowly escaped injury when it blew. St. Joseph (statue buried nearby, remember?) would have none of that! Thank-you, St. Joseph, for your protection and guidance!


Several weeks ago I posted for prayers to sell our home as we are building a new home and could not afford to pay for 2 mortgages. Our prayers were answered, our house sold the end of March, we were offered a good price and the buyer agreed to our terms. Thank you St. Joseph.

Nanette D’Agostino

Just wanted to say “Thank you” so very much to St. Joseph for his intercession in helping my husband and I purchase a piece of land in Maryland. My Mom knew how much we wanted to purchase the land to build our dream home, so she asked that I put the statute of St. Joseph out at the property and pray the Novena. This property was scheduled to go to foreclosure, and we were hoping to obtain it but thought that we would be easily outbid by others (builders, etc.) who may wish to buy and subdivide the property. We prayed and completed the Novena, went to the Courthouse for the foreclosure sale, and we were the ONLY people to show up for the sale! Amazingly, no other person appeared at the sale and we bought the land for a little over opening bid. Subsequently, I promised my Mother that I would have a custom sign made with a picture of St. Joseph looking over the mountains. On the sign we are having “St. Joseph’s View”. I can’t say enough how fortunate we are that our prayers were answered. Thank you very much for your intercession St. Joseph!

Catherine Miller

My husband has been out of work since August 4, 2003. He has worked so hard from that day to now, trying to secure new work. We always prayed to God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, as well as Mary and a legion of saints. A priest friend of ours recently suggested we pray to St.Joseph, great spouse of Mary, foster father of Jesus, and great patron of workers. While that should have been obvious earlier on, we both prayed fervently to him. My husband and I started a nine day novena to good St. Joseph on February 18 (coincidentally, the third anniversary of my own father’s death). We finished it yesterday and low and behold, my husband received a job offer today, which he gratefully accepted! He starts on Monday. It is the shortest commute he has had in his career and the company is solid and secure. We humbly thank St. Joseph and our wonderful God, Jesus and Holy Spirit and beautiful Mary, as well as Sts. Anthony, Francis of Assisi, Clare, Bernadette, Jude, Anne, Joachim, Elizabeth Anne Seton, John Chrysostom, George, Dennis, Paul, Sarah, Daniel, Margaret Mary Allocoque, Therese, Theresa and the many other saints and angels praying and interceding for us! St. Joseph, wonderful father and helper of us all, we will honor you forever, thanking you for taking our intentions to your beautiful son!

Anne and Dennis McCormick (Stoughton, Massachusetts)

I was laid off from my company 2 1/2 years ago. I recently applied for a postion with the same company in another department. I never thought I would be able to return. I had been turned down for a few jobs lately and I was feeling so down. I turned to St. Joseph for help and just today found out that I was selected for the position. I am truly grateful to St Joseph for his intercession. I will never forget his help. I will honor him always.


A little over a year ago my husband and I bought some rental property from a relative who was in failing health. We thought it would be a good way to supplement our income, because we had both recently retired. My husband was a firefighter and i was in the medical field.

Instead of making money, we were putting so much into the property to get it ready to rent, that we got behind in our bills. Finally, after a very hard year, we decided to sell the property. We waited and waited but no one was interested in buying. We were getting further and further behind in our household bills and everything else. I was so discouraged, I felt like there was a ton of weight sitting on my shoulders. It caused my husband and I to fight and I was so afraid our marriage wouldn’t survive. That’s when I began my Novena to St. Joseph. I didn’t bury his statue in the yard, I just prayed hard for his intercession.

Today, a couple told us that they wanted to buy it and that they could get financing. Oh, the power of prayer. I feel like all the weight is gone.
St. Joseph, thank you from the very bottom of my heart and soul for your help. Thank you Almighty God, for hearing my prayers. How could anybody not believe?


I prayed the 9 day Novena to St. Joseph with regards to the sale of our house. I specifically petitioned that if it’s in God’s will for us to be able to sell it on or before the year ends. It’s December now, and we’ve closed the deal just today. Thank you St. Joseph for helping us find a good buyer.

R C Faith

I am not Catholic. I have worked for Catholic institutions for ten years. I had to sell a home that was a burden on my family. After rehabbing this house for an entire year, I advertised the property in the local newspaper. All I got from the ads was frustration…no one wanted to buy the house. A neighbor told me about St. Joseph. I obtained a statue and buried it in the front yard. My cousin called it idolatry. I ignored her…the day I received my St. Joseph statue, I got a call telling me a contract had been signed on the house. I buried the statue in the front yard anyway and the deal went through without a hitch! St. Joseph is now in a place of honor in my house. Thank you Jesus and thank you St.

Carol Dunn

Thank you, St. Joseph, for hearing our prayers and helping us to sell our home. It had been on the market for 8 months when I heard about burying a statue of St. Joseph. A very unique home in an not-so popular part of town, it interested few people. We had had no offers. We buried the statue and said the novenas, and I continued to pray each day, and just 17 weeks later we closed the sale!!!! We are so grateful for his help and now have him in a place of prominence in our new home. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, ST. JOSEPH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ashley & Jim Brown

I wanted to take this opportunity to say my thanks to St. Joseph for prayers answered. I started a 9-day novena to St. Joseph when I was having difficulty with my job; at the end of the Novena, I lost that job, but I am waiting for a better one that will come shortly with the finishing of the contract [which should happen Friday or Monday]. Thank you St. Joseph for prayers answered.

Robert Chandler

I recently prayed to St. Joseph on behalf of two friends who were seeking employment. They both found work rather quickly!


I am writing to thank dear St.Joseph in helping us to find a buyer for our house.
Our house had been on the market for 4 months,We had several open houses; our house was listed constantly in MLS as well in the paper and real-estate book. We had various people come through to view our home,but not one offer was made. We have a home that we want to purchase,but needed to sell our current home first. Without a buyer for our house we stood to lose the house we were hoping to buy. I had started a novena to St.Joseph, I also purchased the St. Joseph statue to help in selling homes, one week after burying St. Joseph statue we had 2 offers on our home, have accepted an offer and are waiting to finalize some details and schedule a closing date So again,thank you dear St.Joseph,I have always believed in the power of prayer,I will
continue to pray to St.Joseph.

Rosemary Marshall

I started praying to St. Joseph to intercede for me to our Lord for the sale, if it was God’s will, of my house. I did a 9 day novena and on the 10th day my house was sold. Thank you St. Joseph for your powerful intercession and glory to God for his magnificent gifts. I know that He is always with us. We just have to be still and listen. I love you Jesus with my whole strength, my whole body and my very being. I cannot live without you. I love you so very, very much.

JF Benson:

I just finished saying the prayer for 10 days, I was praying for success in my job,and also for my husband, although I have had jobs I have never been a success financially. I am in a new career for only about 10 weeks. Just now while viewing the site and reading testamonials, I checked my mail, and their was a referral for me from my office from St Joseph Mo, I will keep you posted. To me it says I am here and have heard you. Thank you St. Joseph

Mrs. Vanderburgh

My name is Karen Langston, Utah. I have experienced such wonderful blessings from St Joseph twice now. First time was back in 1999. I was left with a house with 2 mortgages on it, and no help with paying them as my husband back then, and I had seperated. I thought there was no way I would ever be able to sell the house. I bought the St. Joseph kit and prayed faithfully. With in two months time, I had the house sold. I was so thankful to St Joseph.

Again, March 2003, my fiance and I used St Joseph to sell his home and mine quickly, and find a new home to begin a new life together. It was only 1-1/2 months and my fiance’s home was sold. It only took 3 days on the market for my home to get an offer and now sold. And while the closing of both homes were going on we were able to find a home of our own.

I pray daily to St Joseph and Thank him for all his love and support.

Karen Langston

I have been helped thru the intercession of Saint Joseph as well as Saint Anne. I would like to think of them as “friends” petitioning our Lord for favors.

Here is one of my stories concerning the intercession of Saint Joseph:

I would like to preface this story by telling you that my mom was saying a novena to Saint Joseph to direct us to the right conclusion. My husband and I were trying to sell our house. We were not having any luck so to speak, however we were also trying to secure some land at the same time to build our “dream” house. We were not financially set to aquire the land as well as the house that we did not sell. We lost the piece of land that we were dreaming about due to this.

Another buyer signed and offer and had cash to buy it. What could we do? We accepted this as God’s will and continue to try to sell our existing house. There was another lot in the developement, but it was far more inferior to the piece of land that we lost and we could not settle for it. Two weeks passed we had found a way to raise some capital to secure additional land if the opportunity posed itself to us, we did not want a repeat of what had just happened.

MARCH 19: Saint Joseph’s Feast Day – We recieve a call from the real estate agent. The land that was virtually bought was exchanged for the inferior plot of land that we did not like. This opened up the lot that we loved, to us.

I was in awe, I could not believe this scenario. I was filled with anxiety knowing that this meant that we would be overextending ourselves considering that we did not have a buyer for our existing property. ” I said to myself a prayer for Our Lord to direct me in the right path that night” I did not want to pursue this situation if it was going to lead me into financial ruin. That night I had a dream that I sold the existing house to 2 blonde people. In the dream I showed them around the existing house and said ” Goodbye” and left the existing house. I decided to bite the perverbial bullet and went into contract to buy the land that we loved.

I saw this as Saint Joseph’s and our Lord’s way of directing me. How could
I not heed the direction?

Twenty days later our house was sold. Everything systematically fell into place. I then dedicated the construction of my house to the ultimate Carpenter ” Saint Joseph”. I christened the project , his project. We had the easiest time constructing this house, it was a very enjoyable process, not like the typical.

I did ask the neighbor why he choose not to buy my lot. He replied ” it wasn’t in my heart”. “I could not envision my house there. ” He also regrets his decision not buying my lot.

I hope that this simple story influences people to not only have faith in our Lord, but to use the intercession of our Friends the Saints, including Saint Joseph and Saint Anne.

By the way, the blonde people in my dream, bought my house.

T. Damien

I just wanted to thank the beautiful St. Joseph after praying the 9 day prayer I was blessed with a much wanted pregnancy.

When I prayed for my second child again St.Joseph through his powerful intercession answered my prayer.

Thank you beloved Jesus , Holy mother and St Joseph I will always be grateful for the love and blessings you have given myself.


My father and brother were recently in Bosnia on a Peacekeeping Mission. They are in the military. I prayed to St. Joseph to watch them while they were there and to protect them. They returned last Friday in perfect health. I couldn’t have been more grateful. Until Sunday, when my father showed us a letter from a priest stating that he entered into full communion in the Catholic Church while he was there. My brother was his sponsor. I had no idea that my prayers for his safety would be answered by him finding the safety of our faith!

I cannot express my thanks to God and St. Joseph enough!!! The power of prayer is unquestionable!


Two maried people I know where on the way to divorce. The wife didn’t want his husband anymore. Everything looked lost and the divorce was for Mar. 13. A week before and after a month of prayer, the wife went to look for her husband asked forgiveness and asked him to come back home. They are well know, and together. They didn’t divorce.

Thank you St. Joseph and all the saints who helped in this case.


I want to thank Saint Joseph, for his intercession, and also help know all those who need his intercession the novena prayers that I had used.

I had been an unemployed Hi-tech executive for the last one year, with few opportunities and string of failed interviews. However, I never lost faith in prayers all this time, and found the below prayer only last month (Feb’03, at www.theimmaculate.com/joseph.htm). Surprisingly, I got an assignment starting 1st March’03. The fact is that March is the month of Saint Joseph. Hope the below novena prayer, can be useful to number of people desperately seeking employment. The other prayer that I had used is the “The Seven Sundays of Saint Joseph “, at your Website www.stjosephsite.com.

Raj Kumar

Firstly, I want to congratulate you on this excellent site, for it helped me an expatriate frequently living in non-english speaking countries with prayers to St.Joseph, which I had been long searching.

Secondly, I wish to inform about a powerful intercession of Saint Joseph, in my life a fact similar to your experience. It was way back in the year 2000, I had became unemployed suddenly, and was jobless for many months. During those days, I had prayed to Saint Joseph, fervently, with simple Our Father and Hail Mary. There were many interviews which I had attended then, but all failed to click. Finally, I had traveled for an interview to Bucharest, Romania in 2001, for a good senior level opportunity. While staying in the Hotel there, I visited a big catholic church, behind the hotel I was staying, not knowing that its name was “St Joseph’s Basilica”. I found a statue, of St Joseph there, and prayed fervently. In the month’s to follow I got the job and moved to Bucharest, and found that the Church was in fact a “Basilica of St.Joseph”, and very well known in the Balkans. I was then so filled with joy, to know that St.Joseph wanted me to be close to his shrine, and in the beautiful country Romania. But when I read your experience, as posted I was just overwhelmed, to notice the coincidence.

I just want to say “THANK YOU GLORIOUS SAINT JOSEPH”, hear our prayers and obtain our petitions, always. Amen.

Anthony V.

Thank you St. Joseph for answering my prayers for employment, I was offered a job 2 weeks ago which I accepted. please continue to pray for me to succeed in these tough times.


I began asking St. Joseph’s help several years ago when I would run into a situation around the house that I couldn’t solve. The lawn mower wouldn’t start, I was having problems fixing something in the house that broke etc. It sounds silly but I believe with all my heart that he has helped me. My husband is ill and I’m responsible for working and taking care of the house inside and out and St. Joseph has been there for me. Today a friend came over to fix the toilet but he was having all sorts of problems. I prayed to St. Joseph and my guardian angel and believe it or not the toilet was fixed. No one can tell me that St. Joseph hasn’t heard and helped me. I thank Jesus for allowing me to receive this aid.

Carol Burnell

I am so happy to have found your site. I truly believe that it was His will that I did.

St Joseph has answered so many prayers in the past two years in my life and I did not know what to do with all the praise for him. Now that I have found your site maybe I can share some.

I went on the chat line for a few minutes before church this morning and there were some weird people on their obviously oblivious to the purpose of the chat.

I will surely explore your site and experiences more. St Joseph is amazing and so wonderful to those who ask. I can share more with you when I have a bit more time.

Right now its off to church.

Bradford Aylett

Thank you for having your web site dedicated to St. Joseph.

I prayed the 9 day novena listed on your site. I asked St. Joseph to help us obtain financing for the purchase of a home. Before the novena, the mortgage person indicated the situation was grim for us. Today was the ninth morning and the mortgage person called to say that we had been approved. She said she didn’t understand how it happened because she sincerely believed the underwriters would reject the application.

I will say that I had two petitions in the novena and he helped grant the most important part. I am grateful and remember that we live by God’s will. I am spreading the 9-day novena, so that everyone can learn about St. Joseph and his powerful intercession.

I thank St. Joseph for his help. And, I thank you for having a such a wonderful website. I would have never found this novena without your help!


Thank you St Joseph for answering my prayers to blessing us with our second child.


In the last few weeks I have been praying a series of novenas in the last few
weeks (the ancient one that reads: “….O Saint Joseph, whose protection is
so great, so strong, so prompt before the throne of God, I place in you all
my interests and desires..” Each novena carried a special request, one for
my father, one for my young adult son, and one for my job.

Whether the one for my father has been answered has yet to be revealed. But
the other two have: 1st) one for my son who was angry and had not spoken to
me in three years, and spurned my attempts to contact him – I asked St.
Joseph to ask the Lord to soften his heart and encourage him to contact me;
and 2nd) for the situation of my job to improve and be restored to it’s
previous condition.

On the 8th day of the novena about my son, he suddenly showed up AT MY JOB
out of the blue as if there had never been a conflict between us! I grabbed
his face and squeezed it before I kissed him and said, “Oh, my Baby!” He
smiled. He chatted about the events going on his life, the things he had
accomplished, his new goals, where he was now living, and that he wanted me
to meet his new girlfriend.

About my job, just as the novena was completed my boss, our director, was
called to a meeting with our Board of Directors, where, along with Directors
of our other offices was offered an APOLOGY for our ministry was treated by
them and they misunderstood our mission and promised not to threaten our
ministry and our jobs again!

My boss (a UCC minister) was immediately astounded at the unfolding of these
events (he had *just left* the office yesterday when my son arrived). THEN I
told him (I am Catholic) about my novena prayers to St. Joseph. At first he
chuckled; then he thought about the odds of these things happening without
intercession. Later he told the Directors at our two other offices: “I’M
going to pray to St. Joseph too!”

Thank you for posting these prayers. I had prayed this “ancient prayer” for
years, then lost it and found it on your website. But most of all I want to
thank St. Joseph, my loving Spiritual Father.


In 1998 while living on Long Island in New York I wanted to sell my co-op apartment. No one wanted to buy co-ops any more. I advertised in the Newsday, Listed it with a Realty and placed some ad cards in the Walbaums supermarket. I was really becoming discouraged and depress. One of my neighbors told me to take a statue of St. Joseph and bury it upside down in front of my co-op apartment. I had never heard of that before but I did it and I prayed to St. Joseph to help me sell my co-op since my husband wanted to retire from the Long Island Rail Road and move to Florida. Well not even a week later a woman rang our door bell and she had the little green and yellow ad card I placed in the supermarket and asked if the apartment was still for sale, I said yes, she wanted it and I took a binder. Within 3 months time she bought the co-op and we were able to move. I thank St. Joseph for his help.

I’ve also been praying to him to help my nephew who is an alcoholic. I’ve been told he is getting help and has a new job. Thanks St. Joseph.

Connie Lupo

I would like to thank St. Joseph for helping to bring the perfect buyers to my house and to my parents’ house. I was offered a new job and put my house up for sale. Within four days, it was sold. The couple had simply driven by and saw our sign. Several days later, I brought my St. Joseph’s statue to my mother’s house and we said a prayer. Within four days, my parents’ home was sold as well to a very nice couple.

Thank you very much St. Joseph!


My husband and I wanted a home but was undecided to whether we should get an already built house or not because the houses they were showing us weren’t in perfect condition. So I found a St. Joseph picture of him building something and knowing that he was a carpenter. And there was novena prayer on the back So I put the picture on my mirror and I said the prayer and asked St. Joseph to intercede for me to get me a house or build me one. One day I got a phone call telling us to come down to look at a lot and see if we like it. So we drove down to look at the lot and there were only two to look at and we chose one. On the way out of the subdivision I saw Joseph street where it met with Paul Dr where we live today and that’s how Iknew my prayers were answered.



I want to tell you thank you for your prayers!!! I really have to tell you
what has just happened to me… The Lord is SO GREAT!!! I know that he
loves me…

Today was the last day of my nine day novena to St. Joseph! Guess what
happened. The JOB that I had been praying for in my novena was just offered
to me… Plus it was more than I was making at my last job and I was just
told that my HIV test results are negative. PRAISE GOD!!! Thank you so much
for your website and prayers. Is there anything that I can do. Please let me
know. Also I know that there is a donation that I need to make to your
favorite cause please let me know where this is to be made…

Thanks so much!!!

Vince R

St. Joseph helped me to find a good husband. After years of hearing from several cousins that they had found husbands after saying the 9 days novena to St. Joseph, I finally gave it a try myself. Feeling that I just couldn’t seem to find a decent guy to marry I put it in St. Joseph’s hands. I was, however very specific about a few things. My future husband would have to be a good provider, hardworking, attractive, kind, empathetic, and a good practicing Catholic. Well St. Joseph found me a husband who is all of these things and a whole lot more! Thanks St. Joseph!

Monica Rita Blazejack

Dear Babes:

I am happy to report to you I found a job that St. Joseph has dropped to my
lap. I am starting on Feb. 11 a big company with great benefits. I am happy
for the answered prayer, truly he is powerful. I would like to thank you for
helping me in my petion on the day I asked for prayer. please continue to
pray for me for continuing success, prosperity and peace of mind both
professional and personal life. Please pray for strenghtening of my
friendship to a special friend I have in Albany. That our frienship will be
stronger and closer as the days go by. Thank you. God Bless


I thank you Blessed St. Joseph for interceding to our Lord Jesus Christ for the healing of my grandson Adam, for healing of body, mind, soul and spirit. That he be set free of all fear, phobias and depression as of this moment. I place Adam in your divine care my dear St. Joseph. Thank you for taking him by the hand and leading him into his life’s calling. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.


Dear Friend,


I am a Catholic priest from the Philippines and I consider St. Joseph as my
closest friend next to Our Lady. I just want to express my gratitude to St.
Joseph because I know and I feel that he moves visibly in my vocation and
ministry. I have established a family life ministry here in Manila to strengthen family life and St. Joseph has been with us in the ministry. I can’t remember choosing him but I do remember manifesting himself that he might help me or to put it properly, I think he is asking me. I consider myself unworthy and I cannot thank God, Our Lady and St. Joseph. This is why I would like to ask you to please thank God, Our Lady and St. Joseph for me.

May God bless you thru the prayers of Our Lady and St. Joseph.

In Christ,
Fr. J. Roger Abalon, SOLT

Blessings to all,

St. Joseph has done some remarkable things in my life and he continues to
live up to being an amazing resource for help. He has helped me with
countless blessings in getting me through some very difficult times in
dealing with sickness and death of loved ones, financial hurtles, and success
in overcoming struggles with my weaknesses which inhibit being able to do
God’s work hear on earth.

The more I trust my life to his intercession the easier it is for me
handle things which most people find impossible. Praise and thanksgiving to St. Joseph for accepting the ministry God placed in his hands. May we all follow St. Joseph’s example and place all of our cares and worries in the power of the Spirit of the Living God. Then we can we minister the love of the Father to all of those whose lives we touch.

I try to image each scene in the thirty day novena and picture it as if I
were going through it myself in today’s world with my family. I have two boys and I try to feel the pain that Mary and Joseph endured by imagining that my sons were lost with absolutely no trace for those three days. I try to immerse
myself in that sorrow to feel what Joseph and Mary felt. I try to feel the
power of the Father they must have felt to guide them through such a horrific
event. After praying in such a way I feel so content that no obstacle seems
too large to overcome. Wthout fail, my requests have always been granted.

Joseph Sander (Buffalo, NY)